Saturday, February 28, 2015

At First Sight

I watched you like a play in a field of strawberries.
I imagined you were telling my life story to an audience
full of strangers; and I, too afraid to have a seat.
So, I studied you from afar and resorted to
reading lips as if I had gone deaf.  

for OLN @dversepoets

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Your Suit of Armour

I'm a lion in a dog eat dog world
wealth of thy mane encircles my mind as a third eye
revealing us in a past life
it shows our hearts jousting because one of us
didn't know how to love and like a game of cards
a king and queen were pulled; same value
and still we faced a constant battle for superiority.
Before we had anything, I was the joker
told to watch the throne
remember the times when you stole
the eggs whilst I breathed with dragons?
She ignored the sparks of our past
because her emotions were as cold as
the iron plate across her chest

©2015 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.  
Goin' medieval for Poetics

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Love like No Other

A landscape was created with every word I spoke;
you're like a canvas begging for another stroke.
And like a sign from heaven I hear your hum;
so, in meditation for the wolves, my bones they broke.

Not a holler in my heart for it beats to your drum.
I hope you maintain faith in me, or my flaws I will become.
The goddess of my kingdom, royalty is what you bleed;
even the trees love the taste of your breath and then some.

The call of your name fulfills my every need;
forever together when I plant my seed.
You're the reason I awaken from my nightmare;
like a dove symbolizing peace, I am freed.

My dreams are woven with your hair;
sleep becomes a necessity only when you're there.
Of all the possibilities we could share,
I just want my dreams woven with your hair.  

Written in the rhyme scheme of AABA-BBCB-CCDC-DDDD for MTB

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