Monday, July 28, 2014

State of Humanity

Care to hear the author recite this piece of lyricism?

Pollute you like some trash in the desert sand
Leave you wonderin' what it feel like to be a man
A mystic a leper a lord until you realize you just a human being
playing dozens with dogs and
Get ya head bitten off like a preteen bully
Taughtin' motherfuckers in the prison yards

My conscience clear like Peruvian diamonds
In ice water streams

Genocide in the palm of my hand
I'm livin' the American dream
Israelis digging graves with the dirt under my nails
While Nigerian girls jump the gaps between
My knuckles as I hold the peace sign and ball up my fist
To crush the Boko Haram like the drops on Gaza Strip

Me myself and I as a conglomerate
Providing arms in the war on civilian terrorism
Make the kids swallow bombs with a smile and call it heroism
The aftermath is lying in a bed snakes
As they let me admire their hiss
And spat acid in my face and the only side effects 
Was it hurt when I took a piss
Irrelevant adolescent thoughts of hide n seek
And hatin on what was unique
But no remorse to bubble in this pool
Of nostalgia 

Even face down the water seems bleak

©2014 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Above Creed

The eyes aren't the only
window to the soul
we lift d'Versity into a pot
of boiling water
let the steam fog the glass
and wipe it clear with expressions
from around the world

ink drips from the windowsill
as the sun shines through
the letters and numbers
but the vision is clear
no matter how grey the tint appears

we are all muslim christian jewish
non-denominational and so on
in a nation that breeds separation
by nature

and for some poetry is a
break from it all
like a kitten with the eyes
of a first love and its purr
was your only source
of comfort

©2014 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Knuckles in the Dirt

We went to Florence and waited for the DJ to drop the needle
though I almost lost my head waiting for that shit to start
and after 10 minutes he put on a sad song
said it's too lavish for the kids at heart
so sip ya champagne and reminisce about the times
you wish you could change but thankfully
Boboli Gardens is where I left my heart
so let's search for it
where I left my heart

let's water the flowers in expensive suits
and get our hands dirty
run across the primary axis
while tracking mud in our dress shoes
life only grows in the soil of insecurity
like a diamond straight from the mines
put directly on ya ring finger
we went from friends to lovers
outdoor museums to hangin from
roman sculptures
I let go and fell from heaven
because I know you care
that's why we don't care
and lastnight
got me dreadin our last night

we made in Florence
we made in Florence
what we made in Florence
Boboli gardens
where I left my heart
so let's search for it

©2014 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.
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