Friday, October 29, 2010


I swear the lovers at the end of summer 
Told me this was only a phase 
That could give me a clue
As to what a culture shock would do….

The ocean of purple, blue, & yellow flags 
Wave over lush mountain sides
Bright enough for nearsighted view 
Baby coo’s & little footsteps 
Fill the atmosphere with smiles so wide
Happiness reflects against our teeth
Heart-shaped balloons float across our eyes 
By surprise
The bursting of one caused a movement 
Dancers danced 
Light shined 
Singers sang 
The sound of music rang 
The strumming of memories made 
The road so easy to walk 
The constant wave of notes 
Made our words so easy to speak
I shed those old bad habits 
All my time spent looking upon others in peace 
Swordfish used as daggers
No longer sharp 
Allowed to lay in my nest
Giving me a safe home to rest

© 2010 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Jingle Poetry said...

welcome to JP...

vivid capture of lovers.
thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I just love the layout of your blog and you write with passion and vivid imagery!! Wonderful to see you linked at Potluck, can't wait to read more next week :) Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Nice piece. Made me think of lovers in Haiti. Great use of imagery and structure. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your poem and your about. Welcome to Potluck. Look forward to your participation next week.

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Jamie Dedes

Jingle Poetry said...

award for you.

keep up the excellence.