Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Wisdom & revelation 
Courage & hunger 
Rest & enjoyment
Determination & monster
Fell from head as I walked 
On the brightly lit platform
Looking down 
No no no 
I can't look ahead 
I'm scared of NatUUr 
But I keep from buckling at the knees
And move my feet 
Bravery was removed from me 
And in place: big guns in each palm 
Like grenades
They could explode at one slip of thy finger 
Heavily drinking
My vision is blurred
Hell's down underground
That's absurd 
Bills flying through the air 
Paper worth nothing falls from big chair 
I took a seat
I raced to get those four legs
Below my sacred body 
Praising the devil 
As if I'm in thee illuminati 
Drunk soul of a sober being 
Dazed & confused 
I can't tell what I'm seeing
Mind is through the woods 
Probably off flying with the birds
The greatest verse I've ever heard
Raising a cloud to the height of the sun
I told you before 
I will not set off my first big gun 
Cut off own hand to prevent the untold story 
The chosen one is keeping my peace 
My danger is done
Walking off track 
Regaining my temperature


© 2010 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Eric Alder said...

"Drunk soul of a sober being" - dig that!

Another heavy-duty piece, Anthony!

Anonymous said...

Fast-paced piece with some deep revelations and concrete lines to it. The imagery is unique and interesting - the contrast of the sacred body to the devil and illuminati, the "Drunk soul of a sober being," grenade hands and all...they contribute to the pace and make for splendid description, especially when read aloud. Fine work!

the walking man said...

I found this to be an interesting piece. There is sadness, angst and a touch of hopelessness here.

Maybe I am reading more into it than you intended dude but then seeing as you live just up the road from me...hell it's what it is and if you see what I see then I am fairly certain I see what you see.

Be Well

dustus said...

Chris and walking man make some great points regarding this poem... I think in general one of the reasons I enjoy your poetry is due to the unpredictable, intrepid nature of the lines. I never know where your lines will lead, and that makes it a consistent fun challenge to read. Cheers.

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

i could see and feel this one being read on open mic....excellent write...cheers pete

Steve Isaak said...

Your usual, intense, rooted-in-earth-imagery work. Superb, again, as usual.

Jingle said...


invite you to attend poets rally week 36, poetry awards to be assigned upon completion...

deadline is Wednesday, American central time, hurry up.
hope to see you in,
Happy 2011,
love your poetry.