Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fox Blood

Like a straight razor to a man's beard
The wise sayings of Sam Yorkdale's Oak Tree
Was cut from the roots sawed in half
And every little thing that made it unique was gone
Now a carbon copy of what was thought of as happy
"Its leaves don't shine no mo"
"You took its gold soaked wood from me"
Said Sam Yorkdale
Golden Oak was nothing but a house for fools
Like a slave it was bought for rich 
And treated like human shit 
Cocaine powdered the air 
Where flies & squirrels rest
Dogs piss at the feet of a God
While pages turn in history
Like an apple that never falls too far 
From the father tree 
I wish I'd have seen Sam Yorkdale 
The scent of man's want
Like a hungry wealthy bastard
The scent of man's need
Like a widow at her partner's knees

© 2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...

dang...strong lines...like a widow at her partners kness....piss on gods feet...tight one shot...

Anonymous said...

Anthony- come write for me please? Lol again this one has a clear well defined but true message. My friend, you are a marvel x

Anthony Desmond said...
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Anthony Desmond said...

haha! Thanks Shan & Brian. much appreciated.

Caribbean Fool said...

That is a great take on an all too common part of life. The veracity of the emotion is admirable and kept the pressure on the reader to consider the tragedy not only on an individual level but something much bigger. Thanks for posting this via 1SW, it was a wonderful read.


dustus said...

Walloping lines and excellent poetic storytelling. BTW, how do you always end up 1st on list? lol

Anthony Desmond said...

Thx Caribbean Fool! & Well, Dustus, I have magic. There's my secret. haha.

hedgewitch said...

I don't know which was more amazing--the tree in the photo or the one in your remarkable poem. I'm thinking the latter--if only because it has you to speak for it. Excellent writing.

Beachanny said...

Your words stick together form a bond of sorts. Each unique, and each crafted with so much meaning layered expanding like the rings of a tree. Well crafted my friend! Excellent. Gay @beachanny

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning and so strong! Very very well done, also find within this, historical placement, that never forgets, spreading roots...perhaps ones that have grown in such fantastic meaning as your words...it is this type of writing with all it carries that could in effect make an impact of change for the better. ~ I am truly in awe. Great talent you hold! ~April

Anonymous said...

Nice imagery. I especially like "like a hungry wealthy bastard."

Reggie said...

I like the boldness, the tone, it's strong!

Shewriting said...

I like your direct lines, which indirectly state some powerful messages...extremely thought provoking...nice oneshot.

River said...

Powerful poem. The metaphor of an Oak, life, and people to human behavior of disgust historically totally bringing it to today.In all its sad truth I love this poem and I really like your style. I shall follow you. :)

Arron Palmer said...

This is sharp and worded extremely well. The bitterness comes across as wise and composed. Greta piece.

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

I have no idea who Sam Yorkdale is/was, but I dig how you worked it in as a historical reference to bolster your underlying themes. Greed indeed!

Another great piece, Anthony. I'm glad to see so many people also enjoying your work.

Jerry said...

Wow Anthony, intriguing tell of a tale and of it's demise. Stark lines. I read this aloud and it came alive for me.

Anonymous said...

"Dogs piss at the feet of a God
While pages turn in history"-- such powerful lines! you tell a great story in verse.

Anonymous said...

Vivid! I get a sense of mockery like making an amusement park commemmorating Pearl Harbor. And such powerful lines. Awesome one shot!

Anthony Desmond said...

wow... thank you everyone for the amazing comments. Reading them almost brings a happy tear to my eye. :']

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Heavy and powerful! Value where it's deserved is often snatched... and where it isn't deserved, value is placed in heaps and bounds!

I really liked your choice of words in this one, Anthony... bold and very effective!!
An excellent one shot!

Sean Vessey said...

I enjoyed the poem very much. Great imagery and words.

signed...bkm said...

I love this write and the quote of Sam Yorkdale...beautifully written, would love to hear it recited....Excellent...bkm

Anonymous said...

Mm, damn, I love it when they pack a good hard punch - and your lines always seem to manage. Potent story for us, told through vivid imagery and hard-hitting language. Lines like pissing "at the feet of a God" leave the reader reeling even as they pull them deeper in - emotionally charged, satisfying throughout. Fine, fine work.

joanny said...

Evocative 'story telling' poem, very powerful written from a man's soul in tune with nature, whereas the rest of world has gone array like a snake eating its own tale.

became a follower of yours..

Shashi said...

Hi Anthony

Its beautiful, I loved the lines...in the end.

'The scent of man's need
Like a widow at her partner's knees'
Thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...

it speaks of man lost in human nature without and in need.
a poem of every human's need not met in the desires of the lost soul.

we are all in need of God's Son to provide the Spirit of God within.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Awesome write done with bold pwerfl words and thoughts. I like your style! Great voice!

Ann LeFlore said...

You poem is amazing it is so bold and so strong I love the image of the tree but at the same time this image in words comes to life

Morning said...

dynamic words, very stunning piece.


Shashi said...

Dear Anthony....
Its great to revisit this one... from Poetry picnic WK 7.

Thanks for sharing. Look forward to your entry in the coming poetry picnic week 8 theme “Friends, relationship… ”


ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya