Sunday, March 13, 2011


Picture by Fee Easton
A princess 
Endeavored in smoke rings 
& used syringes 
Ghostly translucent figure 
Nothing left but the veins 
Between her toes & her fingers
Rode the devil's dick 
Heard her scream as 
She, cums  
On love on life
On all she had that was once "perfect" 
Wore the crown of innocence
But her boring teenage years 
Filled with fear were over
Her long legs were persistent
Laying on the gums
Her grounds were breaking
With each breath of decaying enamel
Slowly cracking
The teeth that bit her tongue
Now in the palms of her hands 
Along with the tar of her last cigarette
Putrid body was impeccable 
Now seeing truth

© 2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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dustus said...

Wow. This would sound really good read; kind of like a beat poem with the single word repetitions of She. The details associated with drug use lend depth to a vivid portrait of a wasted princess.

Patsy said...

Powerful stuff. I agree it would work well read aloud.

Anonymous said...

This happens to a lot of girls, and boys from this socially economically deprived area. It's a shame, but their bodies are found on matresses tossed by the wayside by some dick. This repetition of she just drilled it home, she was someone's daughter, someone's little girl. Nice write blokie!

James Rainsford said...

Brilliantly imaginative and intensely evocative.
Form and feeling perfectly aligned. Well crafted, James.

signed...bkm said...

A life living on the edge - leaves beauty, tarred and ragged...and to think choices made in the past may have presented a different picture....bkm

Steve Isaak said...

Pornoriffic, poetic, effective, edgy.

Shewriting said...

one of my favorites of yours thus far.