Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Castle

Power is the mission 
Power is like powder spread over tables of confused beings
Written in chalk on the bare chests of humanity -- slaves to The Castle.
Bodies on trees in the garden filled with bags of shit
Embalming fluids water the plants that grow into dummies
Hanging over leaves that never fall 
Palms bleeding with their fingerprints on the wall 
Waiting, waiting, waiting, to be freed from The Castle.
Throne overbearing the Queen herself in neglected spirits that never left
like lightning's white strike 


The power to get another dummy to fuck
The power to reach into the skull of Death & proceed without fear
in The Castle.
Sticks pushing beautiful bones over fresh cotton
Make perfect lines in the soil for the children to bury their faces in
& see the horns of Satan through dirt's underground
Instilled in them -- fear of running from The Castle.

Chambers stained in piss 
Dogs chained to all four sides 
The scent of raw meat putrid enough to quiet any words dummies tried to speak 
Tongues turned black over looking Bible scriptures in The Castle.

Dungeons filled with lonely rejects on top of one another
Closed pures infused with the blood & guts of whom was sacrificed
While others forced into sex make more food for consumption
Trapped in steam with no ventilation
Hot breath of guards constantly breathe down the necks of 
Harlequins & lepers -- in fear of The Castle.

I turn myself into nothing; light doesn't come from my heart
Maniacs drive me wild as I can't even think of my next way of venturing out
I don't know what the fuck is to come about in The Castle

Dark rooms 
Electric chairs glow around every corner
Floor wet/feet hot/throbbing sensation in head
Dummies can't survive in The Castle.

Books with no pages in the library
I see nothing but the portraits of dead people they called "Heroes"
Searching through halls seems as if the walls are miles long
I saw a figure in the brightest window with a man made third eye
Hung from the tallest tree 
Dummy fills another bag of shit
Hiding behind a picture frame was I
Nearing the last spot on the wall trying to read engraved symbols 
Marking the edges of the frames
Out came the Queen & her most handsome dummy 
Carrying the final portrait entitled: 

'King of The Castle'

© Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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dustus said...

Hits on all cylinders. Found your poem to be powerful statement of the horrors of misused ideology and the mistreatment of humanity. Riveting.

Brian Miller said...

oh snap dude...some viceral imagery...the embalming fluid feeding the plants that grow into dummies...and the greatest of all the king of the castle...ha. nice

5thsister said...

Heavy, heady stuff excreted from the quill of your pen.

Anthony Desmond said...

thanks everyone.. I appreciate the comments! :)

Kodjo Deynoo. said...

Amazing and strong, hitting shot

Glynn said...

You've captured a great deal of horror here - the horror of the experience. The words make my flesh creep - and that tells me this works, and works extremely well. Good poem.

Steve E said...

So THAT'S Royalty! Good piece. You really give this One-Shot a GOOD shot!

signed...bkm said...

Agreed you captured the horror of books without pages....creeping indeed a Castle that I do not wish to ever visit...I could not ever bring myself to read Paradise Lost..I started it but found I could not sleep ....well written One Shot...always love your photos....bkm

Apryl Gonzales said...

Powerfully provokes the mind and emotions... wow!

sonny said...

a castle i dont want to venture inside...amazingly captured..

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Reminder that losing sight of the person creates 'hell' in any millennia

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

The emperor has no clothes. (Dummy! LOL!)

Kim Nelson said...

Such intensity, almost to the pint of discomfort. Here is y One Shot:

JH_Poetry said...

Wow, I have never read your work until today. This is an impressive piece. It goes below deep, into the abyss of underlying faults. You are inspiring. :) Nice One! JH

Claudia said...

wow - this was powerful and tight anthony

Anonymous said...

First Wow just Wow this is some very powerful reading! This poem delivers very vivid images

emmettwheatfall.com said...

Dang Anthony, your poetry packs a big punch and the metaphors... This poem has both the feel of spoken word poetry and page poetry. Man, you got skills, mad skills. I agree with Adam, the first person to comment on this poem up above--"Riveting." I am a big fan of yours.

Dasuntoucha said...

Grand piece...definitely punches the senses...felt.

Tracie Skarbo said...

Excellent piece, glad it was the first I have read of yours...it will echo in my mind through the week I have no doubt!

Sheila Moore said...

there is so much passion in your writing and this one is no exception. Sounds like what hell would be like. A very vivid and gut-wrenching picture you've painted with your powerful words. Bravo!