Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sidewalk Television

Radio and metronome 
Paradox and wheel of chrome
Monk and whore 
John and Hitler 
Sockets and baby fingers 
TV and telescope 
Suicidal thoughts and rope 
(Ways to cope...) 
Roaches and the ghetto 
Man and stilletto 
Malcolm X('d) government
United X against 
Secrets and truth
Exploitation and youth 
Love and most 
(Just a hoax...)
Push over and mounted on
Masters X artist of con 
Jesus' thoughts ? Bible text 
Death threats and free xanax
Guns and powder 
Inside vs. outer 
Mass vs. one 
Many = one 
Those ones are the mass 
Not the ones who don't do the math 
Division is equal to hate 
Add the picket signs blocking funeral lines 
X + y = death(s) + permanent nosebleeds
But the blood is never wiped 
From their top lip + vomit bathe 
Disgusting, hip while laid

© 2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Pete Marshall said...

wow anthony...you should have done a voicing for this...i reckon it would rap out really well...thought provoking definitely...cheers pete

Anthony Desmond said...

Why thank you pete... I cant do the voicing thing atm.. Maybe I'll look into it.

Asobime said...

Powerful, full extension in a lot of spheres.

Powerful and far reaching.

Lady Nyo

Anthony Desmond said...

Thanks Asobime!

Beachanny said...

Going global here Anthony. Well done, too. I might be happy these days that I don't have television. Those images seem to be impacting the poems I read today. I'm slipping off into the bathosphere of my mind. You continue to trip that knife edge of words. Good stuff!

Anthony Desmond said...

Thank you very much Gay!

signed...bkm said...

Guns and powder
Inside vs. outer
Mass vs. one
Many = one

powerful as stated Anthony...great rhyming...as Peter said...this would be great voiced my friend....I have to figure out how to do that too..bkm

Anthony Desmond said...

Totally bkm.. & thank you!

moondustwriter said...

It has a cadence that pulls you faster and faster into this vortex to the end
great construction Anthony

A one shot winner


Anonymous said...

You keep getting stronger Anthony, not only am I impressed but I'm proud of you for taking such a strong stance...and what are the voodoo dolls about? I thought the guy in the mask was weird lol

Anthony Desmond said...

Thanks moon! & Shan, I was getting tired of the man in the mask.. haha

Brian Miller said...

dude, you ripped this...made me think of the song we didnt start the fire...this has a wicked beat that wont let go...

Monkey Man said...

Oh yeah, this drum beat draws you in and picks up the pace.

Anthony Desmond said...

Thanks Brian & monkey man!

Andy said...

Definitely a rap song perhaps?

lori said...

I thought the same as others about wanting to hear this one. You write so powerfully! What a gift you have :)

dustus said...

Did someone say "free xanax?" Just kidding. I love spray painted stencil art. Hadn't seen the one in the pic. As for your poem, damn...
"TV and telescope
Suicidal thoughts and rope
(Ways to cope...)
Roaches and the ghetto"

Sheila Moore said...

OMG - so much I can't even begin. Strong, powerful and I, too, would love to hear you read this...I can only imagine.

emmettwheatfall.com said...

Wow!! Man, this poem is awesome. You nailed it. This is high quality poetic musing. Bravo!!

KB said...

Fantastic rhythme going in this One Shot.

Marian said...


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Great juxtapositioning, emphasizing the differences between each pairing. Loads of powerful, iconic images. Strong stuff, Anthony!

(This poem brought to you by the letter "X")

Ann Grenier said...

Amazing how nearly any line in your poem could spawn a new poem,Anthony. Your observations are so all-inclusive, subjects so large; it would make a wonderful challenge piece to others in that way---

Mark David Jordan said...

A powerful poem speaking of problems of the single soul as well as problems of the greater whole.

Doug '1Yogi2Many' McMillan said...

I just sent this one out into the twittersphere, yes it's that good and beyond! :-)

Claudia said...

love the rhythm and the juxtapositions in this anthony