Monday, April 11, 2011



Fucking black nazis 
Revoked vampire blood soaked critique
Mystic beings 
Skin like dirt 
Fucking animals trying to be unique
Razor blades leave tiger stripes 
All over their faces neck & arms 
Like bad tattoos carrying broken arms 
Firing at the sky because God is a lie
He criticized the belly of their tribe
Digging 6ft underground 
They live in darkness not in shame


Fucking maniacs 
Sick hypochondriacs
Slit wrists & fucked throats
Shitting on any believer
Swastikas branded on their foreheads 
Their leader: Sinister
They line up & resemble the white millipede
Superhuman yet hand me downs
To the master's steed 


Ruined bastards
Some lucky enough 
To stare into rye eyed Sinister
Defy & be banished
Promenading like demons 
With big shoes to fill 
Still like holocaust hills 
Slick as vulpes 
Fucking animals
Black Nazis

©2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...

well why dont you tell us how you really feel. intense man...i like the colors making words stand def get the attention with the hacking up....tight write

Anthony Desmond said...

thanks my man

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

This is so intense! Hatred-inspired hatred, outrage against the outrageous, pointing an accusing finger at the wrongs. Well-spoken, Anthony!

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

locking the doors now...closing the drapes!
this was like an axe to the head.
well done.

Beachanny said...

WOW ok...I probably could use a subtext. I'm so far from this. But it was powerful. Thank you, Anthony. said...

Blown away!! The anger and the rage. The reader sees in the lines, hears if read aloud, your antithetical anger voiced in terse vitriol. Anthony, this is bold poetry. Not one stitch short of being poetry. Anthony, since you went there in such a big way, be prepared for blow back. If this is your conviction, stand your ground poet. Also, this poem is "tight", and you know what I mean by using that slang term. O' poet, speak!

signed...bkm said...

Wow, Anthony this is so well done...and words like this need to be said -- there are so many groups filled with hate ...I love your use of red to express the anger...Great Work...bkm

jen revved said...

Intense and powerful. I especially like: Razor blades leave tiger stripes
All over their faces neck & arms
Like bad tattoos carrying broken arms

G-Man said...

Another intense Michigan Blogger?
Right-On Bro....(I say that to Everyone)
Crazy Loud My Friend, thanks for visiting

Aquarius63 said...

A powerful poem, written with passion. Well penned.


Anonymous said...

I like the strong imagery and obvious passion, but I think you've overused "fuck." Used once or twice, it can have much impact, but too many uses weakens its impact. That being said, I do like the poem.

Claudia said...

wow - this was like a whirlwind on the page..and being a german..yeah - made me sad..

Pete Marshall said...

best thing i have ever read from you...this was excellent...very well crafted, full of intensity and flowed brilliantly...great one shot pete

M. D. Jordan said...

Intense and very contemporary. Love the use of word placement and intensity. Great how it came around in circular fashion.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

you are so very creative.
impressed by the thoughtfulness.

Anonymous said...

Wow just WOW if I say more I wouldn't be giving you enough credit!!