Saturday, May 28, 2011

Common Mistakes

He stands under the olive tree 
Leaves reflect the sunshine above his head 
He prays for a son to be his reason for living

She stands under the olive tree 
Barely any thickness above her head 
She weeps
She stopped thanking God when everyone turned their backs
She keeps a pair of jeans stained with blood 
Though they were too small to fit 

Above the olive tree was nothing. 

Both found the other 
She was scared to death
But wanted him

He noticed the imprint of her vagina 
He wants her 
But only slightly 

She holds on tight to the blood stained jeans 
She's never felt the urge to let go 
Until now. 

He wonders why she's staring at him like an alien 

She dropped her jeans 
Blood was on her stomach 

He ran and didn't look back 

She smelled like a feast 
The wolves approached 
Their saliva kept the grass green
She ran but not fast enough 

Moving on was impossible. 
Flawless love was impossible. 

© 2010 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...


yeah, that good. vicious really.

Anthony Desmond said...

thanks man!

Miranda said...

holy shit. "She dropped her jeans / Blood was on her stomach ... Moving on was impossible / Flawless love was impossible"

Claudia said...

dang anthony - this made my blood stop running. powerful poetry

moondustwriter said...

after hearing a bit more about your dark focus it helps me see a bit more of the writer
and I am pulled into the dark....

Mad Kane said...

Wow, that was amazing!
Mad Kane