Thursday, June 9, 2011


The origin of personal SoHo:

Brick surgical table
Dissecting the weirdo
Injecting metaphors
Until the patients are stable
Sewing poetic statements
Into blisters on open sores
The heart of the vehement
Anticipating a war
A cultural pulse that pumps 
Blood to the brain
The message usually taken down 
By the Lord's name in vain
Juxtaposed between the body 
Of a misfit and the spine 
Of an evil bastard
With a mind full of shit

©2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. sewing statements in open sores, nice...cranked it up those last couple lines man.

    good job over at osp today...

  2. Brick surgical table
    Dissecting the weirdo
    Injecting metaphors
    Until the patients are stable

    Such a great opening, following the prompt photo to a T!

  3. I'd love to hear you read this aloud. It is an interesting well constructed piece that resonates.

  4. Damn you didn't take any crap with this lap
    Most have fallen into the lord's name in vain trap
    Like how you just pulled no punches at the end
    Stating it how it is and just hitting send

  5. I loved the end too. And I liked the dissecting the weirdo. Is it a weirdo dissecting a weirdo?

  6. This is very impressive - bravo!

    Anna :o]

  7. My daughter just finished a production of Jekyll / Hyde and I heard him in the background
    This was true to your form - dark

    Thanks for keeping an eye on the spray paint
    Been watching freight trains go by and I want to photograph some gr8 art

  8. "Sewing poetic statements"
    brilliant! love the whole poem.

  9. Wow. I was truly impressed by the raw intensity of your piece. It was the poetic equivalent of graffiti. Well done!

  10. wow. a juxtaposition of jagged, powerful thoughts... thank you.

  11. as someone who's been on the surgical table too many times to count, i think you captured the "operating room" metaphor quite well...

  12. This is fantastic. thanks for the lovely work


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