Friday, July 15, 2011


A cause would cause change within
This cracked hourglass of echoes
From September's Children 
Screaming everyday and every year
A millennium approaches 
With every swift step
A cause would cause change within
This fucked up mind where 
The live can't live 
And must bow down, forgive... 
Like dogs, they'll survive 
From sunset, an epiphany 
Of joyous equality 
Deserves to stay in the penumbral
Yet a sunrise is picket signs 
Murderers and shouts from "Heaven"
That God hates fags?

©2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...

God doesnt though they would like for you to think it, a message of love can become hate...artistically done man...thanks for playing anthony


A read of your poem leads me to a variety of shape and forms of understanding life..each of those colors when sort together gives me a thousand poems and thoughts to read - adorable! thank you for the poem!(:


ayala said...

Great write. It's incredible how some use God's name to manipulate and deceive what they are really about.

Mama Zen said...


Fred said...

Really good write. Especially like the wordplay between each line as well as in many of the lines. Well-done

Laurie Kolp said...

Very powerful!

Anonymous said...

This cracked hourglass of echoes

Very evocative. Thank you.

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

That was very beautiful.Sorry, about the untrue ending

Anonymous said...

Great poem.. i would one day like to know when the earth shifted on it's axis to create all of his bigotry, un-equality.. it is not the way God intended things to be..

Uneven Stephen said...

Well done. I like how you used the colors - really adds to the message. I particularly like the lines "The live can't live / And must bow down, forgive..."

Jeremiah Walton said...

I enjoyed the use of color, it really added to the message.