Tuesday, August 23, 2011

$$$ Bags

A crumudgeon, to coliginus moon
Shine downs the throat of apathy 
And into the spines of Somalian
Bloodlines like fish freshly paralyzed 
hoppin' for breath just across 
From a fine mansion with a moat
Genius! True genius like a nonchalant
Einstein with eyes made of diamond
George Washington for skin 
And sheep's fur atop his skull
Under the microlense dead skin cells 
Nickels & dimes of a quarter 
Credit rating for inflatable baboons floating 
With greed as in deadly sin merging 
With an amendment
Our office cut like unwanted limbs 
Dressed in pressed suits
Disfigured bodies packed in briefcases 
And returned in such disorder
Killing the lower class dismorphic pleasure

© Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...

nice..wicked flow anthony...great to see you back...so you going to be first...the middle class has more stab marks than ceasar, brutus potus & the posse of house and sin-ate just look the other way and whistle...

Anonymous said...

brilliant, simply brilliant

Claudia said...

tight write and great message...Dressed in pressed suits
Disfigured bodies packed in briefcases...good stuff anthony...sorry, if i knew you would join, i would've let you be first...smiles - great to see ya in the pub!

Uneven Stephen said...

Welcome back - I've missed your raw, imagery-soaked words. Powerful write. Love the lines "Credit rating for inflatable baboons floating", "With greed as in deadly sin merging / With an amendment" and of course the closer.

Pat Hatt said...

So very true, the middle class gets the shaft everytime, greed haunts us all in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Love this evocative, satirical write - I too missed your powerful voice, nice to hear it again!

mrs mediocrity said...

wow, nice punch, all so true, great imagery used to get your point across.

Zen Moments said...

With today's credit crunch today middle class is disappearing, becoming lower class. A very Crisp poem.

Joanne Elliott said...

Potent imagery in this poetic commentary.

Anonymous said...

My first time reading your poems and was taken bck by the talent you have with your poerful words. I agree!

From a fine mansion with a moat
Genius! True genius like a nonchalant
Einstein with eyes made of diamond
George Washington for skin
And sheep's fur atop his skull

You are the Genius with these words!

California Ink in Motion

Fred said...

Anthony, love the write. Language, tone and flow. Perfect really

Heaven said...

Welcome back ~

Your words cut here specially these:

Dressed in pressed suits
Disfigured bodies packed in briefcases
And returned in such disorder
Killing the lower class dismorphic pleasure

Anonymous said...

Whhoooaaa! Brutally powerful!! Seriously, there is no other way to describe the current financial trends across the country (or should I simply say "globe"?)
An excellent write!

Anonymous said...

Powerpunched, no holding back, got something to say. Enjoyed it. No lower class or middle class, its just the haves, if they have their way.

Beachanny said...

Strange eccentric and powerful write Anthony - you take words and squeeze them to death!

Sheila Moore said...

The last line says it all. Nice write. Lots of raw emotion-holding nothing back is your great style and you don't disappoint here. Welcome back.


..poignant piece and lots of sharp imagery.. tight one and cuts deeply to one's understanding!


Jannie Funster said...

I'm sorry about your office getting sliced off like that. That sucks! Well, of course this may be fiction, or partly, but still, this moved me a lot and was awesomely written. The disfigured bodies in briefcases is an as good an image as I've read in a poem.

As to your profile in the sidebar.. you ARE now a poetic phenomenon, and probably always will be, as poets are born not made, I believe.

So many poets in Michigan -- what's in the water up there??

signed...bkm said...

Brillant write...Anthony..love the "Disfigured bodies packed in briefcases"...all of it "Wicked" as Brian said...thank you..bkm

Anonymous said...

This feels like an automatic flow - which i like very much - strong words creating intersting mental pictures - i very much like the pictures they have an uncomfortable discord in line with the poem - disharmonious and attractive

Arron Shilling

Natasha said...

the packed in briefcases line really stood out for me as well. potent and powerful. current, yet timeless...and despite that fantastic imagery and wordplay...all to real. Great step to the mic! :)

Joseph Hesch said...

You're a brilliant poetic badass, Anthony. And this piece is another cut and polished diamond of language and image.

Finally said...

Biting and incisive commentary. You always make me think. Also, the artwork you choose is always so powerful and appropriate.