Tuesday, November 1, 2011


There's a lot to be said but all of you pay no mind 
And let that speak be of the dead 
Shut lips partnered with closed-minds 
Make thy worst enemy, yet thy sweetest f(r)iend 
Castle walls collapse as my people stray from what once was 
"The Land of the Free" 
Now encapsulated in an ignorant tortoise shell 
As the dominant male rises from that 
Which burns like hell, the fires, 
The storms that result in hail, upon us 

Lord forgive us for our sins 
For we are dumb fucks 
Motherfuckers constantly rape the sap from 
Nature's Mother, fuck her, slowly 
And let her heal yet scorch her with catheters 
Of flowing gasoline 
The hospital bills rise, upon us

Like strangers in the night 
The apocalypse will rise 
Like strangers in the night 
The apocalypse will rise 
As a cold black sun in June
The apocalypse will rise 

Let us join together as the African Giant Millipede 
Draped in all white so my niggas will survive 
Like blood diamonds in the river hoping 
To end up on a high class(less) ring finger 
The apocalypse will rise like tides of fresh milk 
From the breast of thee creator trade it for honey 
And glaze a thick coating for bad days 
Or as my people say "hard times" 
The times not mentioned in Times Magazine 
But just as the expiration date on 
The Black House 
That milk will evaporate for money 

The steam will rise, upon us

For Open Link Night @D'verse Poets

©2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...

damn dude...wicked word play...got a saul williams feel to parts of it...let her heal yet scorch her with catheters....damn....nice hit on the blood diamonds as well...whew

Natasha Head said...

The Times not mentioned in Times magazine....Anthony, YOU WRITE! Like the power, the borderline rage. Makes for a fierce read, had me with the first line...and I'm still reeling.

Claudia said...

dang anthony...another powerful write..the class-less finger...the blood diamonds..ah when will we learn..?

theborgpoet said...


mrs mediocrity said...

wow. i am always saying that when i come here.
yes. the steam will rise.

Beachanny said...

The constant pull on mother nature and the constant need to survive only my taking from her while knowing to do so is to limit that survival. Well played with interplay of sound and language.
Well done, Anthony.

robkistner said...

a blistering bit of verse here -- wow...

somewhereamelody said...

so powerful, so many amazing metaphors falling all over each other here!
The last few lines are incredibly, audibly resonate and timely.

Arron Shilling said...

Hey Anthony

This packs a powerful punch. Plenty of venom and anger distilled into hot beats. THE WAR OF WORDS.

'African giant millipede' - awesome

You ripped it up

Kathy Bischoping said...

Wow. Shakespeare, Turtle Earth, half the Plagues of Egypt, and death by steam.

Anonymous said...

wonderfully honest, powerful, brave, with true dignity, a strong write with some great wordplay..really enjoyed this...

'Let us join together as the African Giant Millipede
Draped in all white so my niggas will survive
Like blood diamonds in the river...'


Anonymous said...

Great poetry Anthony. Such a striking write. Particularly liked the lines '"The Land of the Free"
Now encapsulated in an ignorant tortoise shell' and 'Nature's Mother, fuck her, slowly' Very powerful. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I really enjoyed this. The pent-up anger, we are dumb fucks indeed. Have to read it a few more times...

davidallenpoet said...

Yes, the Apocalypse WILL rise!

lori said...

You gave me chills with this one. This is incredible, Anthony. Well done!

kamana said...

Like blood diamonds in the river hoping
To end up on a high class(less) ring finger ... (sigh) you weave words together incredibly

Anonymous said...

Sometimes an artist is the only one who tells the truth, magnificent work!

Joanne Elliott said...

Powerful! There is no turning back, it will rise. But I hope we too will rise even it it has to be from the ashes.

Mama Zen said...

"Lord forgive us for our sins
For we are dumb fucks"

Those may be some of the truest words ever written. Excellent write.

Shashi said...

I loved it Anthony and you make words play look so easy.. "Shut lips partnered with closed-minds " great thoughts... in the verse. I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Tameka said...

Digging it. Deep, my bruh!

The Orange Tree said...

This is how poets show their power,
with no actual harm done, but with poetic words break life and give beauty.

a powerful sentiment well delivered.

Mary said...

Anthony, you know your mind. You write it well. Your words are...well, impressive. So glad I came upon your blog.

Poets United said...

Thank you for joining Poets United. I have added your blog to our blogroll so others can discover you and your wonderful poetry. Poets United is what you make of it so explore, comment often and it will lead to folks doing so in return. We look forward to visiting your blog and reading your poetry.

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