Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The flickering audio 
of the radio 
the dim signal 
of crashing waves
swamp rats rejoice 
as darkness falls into 
a bitter haze 
feet dry 
now wet 
soaked in blood 
of the swamp rats dune
I left without a trace 
wiped my footprints away 
with the meat 
of my exposed hands
bandaged to keep 
blood at bay   
skinless hands attached 
to arms cursed by The Mark of Cain
are never enough
to deflect the bullets 
from cross wielding arms 

©2012 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. whew...viceral imagery man...and i have found cross weilding arms to be the ones that most likely will let those bullets fly, you know...

  2. Whew - doctrine - yeah, I agree with what Brian says here. Dark poem about a dark topic.

  3. yes, dark, but filled with fabulous music... really love the cadence of this one!

  4. Thunderous symbols marked by the dark side, the sounds of darkness lie still in the mud and wait. Always the crossing, the crossroads where light pierces the center and change shoots.
    Well done, my friend.

  5. oh heck...what great intensity in this..dark for sure..powerful for sure..

  6. Anthony, speechless. This one is brilliant man, I kid you not. I love the imagery, you never let the reader race ahead, drawing an predisposed yet erroneous conclusion. I tell you, that ending is just magical. The dVerse poets community is going to rave about this one, I know I am.

  7. This is dark, disturbing and powerful imagery. Sometimes I think we were all indoctrinated into a never-ending web of lies and yes, the rat race. Very bloody images. Yuck LOL
    Fabulous write Anthony!

  8. Biblical Bad Boy Drops Bombs!

    Sing of the times broheim...

    Raw like new footage
    and sushi!


  9. As with most your poetry, I love the flow and dark imagery you evoke here. I really like "swamp rats rejoice / as darkness falls into / a bitter haze" and "exposed hands / bandaged to keep / blood at bay". And that ending will stick in my mind for a while for sure!

  10. Dark..intense and awesome!

  11. i was just thinking of the Mark of Cain the other day. What if the mark means you are a psychopath?

    radiation rampage

  12. We have all been branded with the mark, poet...trained since birth to rise against our brothers...to fight among ourselves while the privileged wager the winner and slay the brother who is defeated. Looks like you are at least the victor...bloodied as you may be. Freaking Fierce! You would not believe how my mind is going to play with this one...awesome!

  13. Very dark, except for the cross-bearing "righteous" wearing white sheets who invaded my mind at the end. This got my blood boiling a bit.

  14. Wow, what amazing imagery Anthony. Love all your work and this piece is no different! You are definietly one of my top five favourite poets

  15. Dark and intense writing ~ I specially like: arms cursed by The Mark of Cain ~

  16. Dark, yet the words are intensely inviting.

  17. Incredibly visceral and visual. So much to read into this. Each time I read I get a different interpretation, everything from the obvious biblical meanings to something more modern and war torn. It does what any good writing should, it makes you think! Excellent piece.

  18. Raw imagery and great wording, well done!

  19. Love your work best when it feels like my skin is being assaulted by a metal file. Powerful stuff.

  20. "the meat of my exposed hands" Wow, incredible imagery.

  21. therefore, there is no condemnation...

    amazing images, amazing write, Anthony.

  22. Vitriolic and just on the right side of judgment babe, rocked my socks treacle tart ;)

  23. Intriguing, dark poem. The images disturb...they do their job. Good work.


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