Thursday, December 13, 2012

Uncertain Identities

The spirit of a soldier takes over 
When my hell is in dire need
Bullets bounce off tranquility 
And floats to the head of stability
The oxygen is so heavily polluted
It pulls me into hypnosis 
Away from blank stares 
And blank eyes that belong in trash cans
The monster in all of us 
Rips a piece of our human nature 
And burns the bark 
Simple as skinning a tree
I'm willing to blow a limb 
Or even kill if it meant 
I could escape the presence of them


I commit a sin to disguise 
My true meanings
A white gown
Pure of black ink 
Lucifer's substance 
Raining over me and the rest of civilization
We hope divine waters aren't tainted with blood
we wash our necks and 
Wipe our faces with bullshit on hands
Leaving a stench so vile that flies 
Infest multiply and breed 
Maggots so large
They're often mistaken 
For another good citizen

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Brian Miller said...

we wash our necks and
Wipe our faces with bullshit on hands
Leaving a stench so vile that flies
Infest multiply and breed
Maggots so large
They're often mistaken
For another good citizen...boom....dude....was to blow back on the the turn in the middle around devils....for me it really takes off after that....rock on friend...

Claudia said...

I commit a sin to disguise
My true meanings...and...Maggots so large
They're often mistaken
For another good citizen...really gave me shivers..uncertain many of them..and you never know when they pull the trigger...
woot...good seeing you in the pub sir..

Anonymous said...

Wow - an especially strong ending here, Anthony. Really strong. k.

Mary said...

Strong writing here, Anthony. I am am breathless. have talent.

mrs mediocrity said...

Oof. Your writing is always so real, so powerful, so visceral. Great ending, a dark picture but yes, the monster in all of us... We must learn to face him in the mirror.

Arron Shilling said...

hey T.

what you doin hiding down the list? i prefer you at NO.1
or at least top 3 :D Chartopper!!! :D

weaving some conjure up with the deep un ease of the skulking word . . . there is only one thing for those fat maggots . . . a right(eous) HOOK! POP* KO!

Sheila said...

hard-hitting truths, especially those last lines.

Kim Nelson said...

You give us a peek into the darkness, the hidden truths.

emmett wheatfall said...

Fabulous writing! You keep your coming lines unpredictable, they each speak individual, and yet, the syntactical nature of your lines as a whole communicate a profound message. Enjoy your work every time.

Claudia said...

hey...happy new year anthony...