Monday, January 6, 2014

Sammy Wolfe

a tale a tell off dat som' bitch...
as i rode my bike they tol me
dis was one to rememba
they tol me i was nothin but a fuckin faggot
pushed me off my bike and spit in my face
i wished so hard for a sword
to chop off dey heads
all i want is to be free
i wont eva listen to no one again
maybe den i wont feel dees shackles
my revenge is leavin i tell ya!
leavin dis piece a shit hick town
and watch the lord dance around
until the stars dont shine no mo
i'll die befo anybody stops me
from wheres i wanna go
just a circus freak in one a dem
fancy restaurants...
everybody stares me down like a loose animal that belongs in a city zoo
'cause see i'm special
my mama tol me i was
i used to think she was wrong
but now i kno she was right all along
there was a reason why i could
catch the most fish at the lake
they called me a sissy 'cause
i didnt like using worms
i used mah stink fist
stood in that lake and the fish would
start bitin like crazy
dey pushed me around cause i was a winna!
but see i spent my days alone...
summa and winta...
the only thing i look forward to
is cookin dinna

mama taught me everythang about it
notha thang i love is dreamin as i lay my head
i neva wanna sleep
on dis cot i call a bed
too busy stressin 
i still count my sheep
and my blessins
that's really all i got to keep goin
aint got nothin but mah hopes and mah dreams
aint that all i need?
ya see i take good care of my family
but now i wanna take good care of me
oh i'll get there!
just you wait and see
'cause Sammy, Sammy Wolfe
will be free

     *Though some of you have read this poem before, 
I wanted to bring new life into one of my personal favorites 
with a reading.* 

© Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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emmett wheatfall said...

Floored! What a brilliant piece of poetry man. Hands down! And your voice--a gift. The cadence brilliant! Oh my, what a treat that was. Don't change a thing. Keep doing what you do the way you do it. The audio just expanded my excitement concerning you as a poet. This is your calling man. Go get it, Anthony. I hope we can read in the same reading someday. I'm so proud to know you. That was awesome!!

Brian Miller said...

nice...really like how you used the language throughout the voice...the first part of the story, the being pushed around and wishing you were a sword...ha...yep...strong story telling in this...and i am gla din the end he takes care of his family...that is a high calling...

Claudia said...

love this... love how you paint a picture of him as you the use of dialect and ...mah hopes and mah dreams
aint that all i need?....yep... he's on a good way

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Loved this poemonologue! I felt as though I knew this fella, great language and great action. Excellent!

Björn said...

This is great.. love the beat and the rhymes.. and not least the consistent voice... really a great story told.. from start to end.

Grace said...

Love the dialect and the story of man who wants to be free ~ I am rooting for him ~ Good to have you on team Anthony ~

annell said...

Indeed, a brilliant piece! Wonderful!

Susan said...

Between your voice and your words I met a charaacter with dignity and resolution and kindness. The opeing could have grown a very different man, but you showed Him as special. I especially like the center fishing scenes as detailed, personal, and unique.

ayala said...

Love the dialect and the power in which you tell the story. A great piece.

Mary said...

Anthony, you have written a fascinating piece of work. Enjoyed the dialect especially, as I felt I was right there... Your story-telling ability in poetry impresses me.

mrs mediocrity said...

This is a fabulous piece... Such a powerful voice behind these powerful words. It deserves to a favorite!

Ronald Shields said...

You tell a story that makes Sammy Wolfe heroic in his pain and anguish. Really moving.

Kathryn said...

Love the use of language, the force behind it. Great write.

Gabriella said...

Great use of language and rhythm, Anthony! I also enjoyed the evocation of your mom.

Robert Gibson said...

Beautiful! Passionate... Loved it!

Margaret said...

resolute. "they told me…" Well, Sammy didn't listen. That and leavin' set you free.

Delaina said...

Fantastic rhythm and sound. Your voice and message so powerful. Thank you!

Katie said...

Great piece! I Love the use of language, definitely takes it up a level. :-)

Truedessa said...

I really enjoyed this especially the whole part about dreams..yes, the
dreams keep us going.

Alex Dissing said...

Personal, passionate, powerful... I really enjoyed this man. Keep following that dream. You are well on your way, my friend.

signed...bkm said...

I love the voice in this Anthony, for some reason it reminds me of Twain's writing which is pure and classic...Sammy Wolfe becomes real here and begs to be heard...Great Work!...bkm

Sabra Bowers said...

Great poem. The dialect keeps you moving down the page. I'd like to hear more.

Anonymous said...

As others have commented your use of dialect and how you get it down on the page is really striking, and thanks for providing a reading to go with it.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, very impressive work. Stunning.

Tina said...

I'm so impressed. It's nice to meet you! There are so many elements here to praise. First of all, I love it when a poet reads their own work. Then we hear what they are really saying. I'm not knocking the written poem at all, but hearing you, really brought the character to life. I'd read it first and was doing pretty well with the dialect. You did a great job staying true to that. Then there's visually. You paint a picture with the layout of your lines while AT THE SAME TIME don't force your work into a format. I'm blown away, honestly. Can't wait to read more of your work. I've been a d'Verse lurker and occasional participant since it opened, but one of my goals this year is to write more poetry. The one that we contributed this week was written by my friend and team member, MJ, but next week it's my turn!
A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z Challenge 2014
Tina @ Life is Good

Joseph Hesch said...

I am pretty sure I remember this piece from some time ago, AD. It's raw and heartfelt, like so many of your poems, which is why I've always loved stopping by. And now, to hear you read all got "realer." Yeah, I said "realer!" Thanks for keeping it that way, my friend.

M. J. Joachim said...

Yes, Sammy will be free! The explosive meaning is ripe and full of passion. Hate has no place in this world, and yet it is such a powerful part of it.

Wyeth Bailey said...

I probably shouldn't be reading this right before trying to sleep. But I'm glad to know about you as much as I am disturbed by the tense, violent edge of the poem, and its character. I hear the hope in it, the determination. (Or am I making that up to comfort myself?) You're a talented writer. I feel pushed way out of my comfort zone, which is rare for me. I write and read a lot of dark, challenging things. I read a few others you've written, too. Wow. Ouch. You have a new fan.

Colleen@Looseleafnotes said...

A compellingly told story. And counting sheep and blessings is such a paradox.

Kate Mia said...

Well..Desmond i too experienced similar to this..and YES it is adversity..even the greatest adversity in life..that can TRULY lead us to freedom..that most people who do not experience..this ULTIMATELY experience..Bless you with the strength that IS YOU!
And have a great rest of the NEWYEAr2!

Jenny Herner said...

Sometimes all we have is hope. Nice.

Abruvanamedsly said...

aint got nothin but mah hopes and mah dreams
aint that all i need?

...after reading and listening to your poem my answer would be yes...excellent piece.