Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Untitled III

the fluidity of night
ran smooth like a train
on brand new tracks
I dream of riding
that train and one
of the cars being my home
complete with
a mail-order bride

a rare find like
a white boot with
no scuff marks
and the curves
on her body
matched the
dramatics of her
heavy german accent

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X said...

I must say, I am a fan of german accents.

Ha, a mail order bride. That had to be some of the more interesting relationships, being dependent on the description. Some I am sure would be pleasant surprises, others -- well. I jumped a train once, it was cool. Scary. Would have been interesting to be a hobo. Maybe jump a train with Kerouac. That would have been cool. See the world out the open door.

Victoria said...

This really elicits a romantic's response--the wonder of the unknown, complete with an-almost forbidden, dark liaison. Quite moody, really.

Claudia said...

hahah...the dramatics of a heavy german accent cracks me up....cool work on the metaphorical side here anthony

Glenn Buttkus said...

You are leaning heavily into the untitled realm, these days, brother. Your railroad fantasy is fantastic; good luck keeping those white leather boots pristine; like a white carpet, it will gather dirt & scuffs pronto. LOVE COMES C.O.D. might be a title. Lovely & smooth piece though. TITS ON A TRAIN could work too.

Marina Sofia said...

You might have to wait a while for a mail-order bride with a German accent!!! ;-)
Some very interesting metaphors here, really pushing us beyond the usually coy and poetical.

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME. I want to hear the whole story. Come on. Type it up. Please? :)

Super sexy ending:
"and the curves
on her body
matched the
dramatics of her

heavy german accent"

Hayes Spencer said...

I do like the dreamy quality of this so much and the longing for something unknown, exotic, pure....we all have those dreams I think. Excellent work, this.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Such a dream like feel to this beautiful piece :D

Grace said...

Fluid and smooth to read Anthony ~ I fear for those mail order brides though smiles ~

Anonymous said...

Excellent poem my friend.

I'm such a fan of German Accents.
This poem soothes the soul of many.

Greatly & outstanding visual of words. :)

Anonymous said...

an angular poem - all sharp edges

Mary said...

I think that trains bring out the dreamer in many of us - especially those of us who don't ride them regularly. I think about those mail order brides, arriving in this country for the first time and finding their way.....must be hard.

C.C. said...

You have such a gift for detailed description. Really stellar :-)

Kate Mia said...

Trains.. symbols of anxiety killers..
so perfect aligned.. nothing
out of place.. the
Universe is
a Flower
and a Train
is a stick..
to escape
the train
is to become
Uni-verse of Life
in more than one
direction.. without
a stick in the other
direction up and
not down.. stuck..:)

Sumana Roy said...

that would be an adventurous and dramatic journey :)

Anonymous said...

nice work - those mail order brides may come with baggage :)

Myrna R. said...

Nice, I like the romantic daydream in this. Hope you have many fluid nights, but find a real bride.

kaykuala said...

A chugging train creates that atmosphere of dreaminess with the faraway look and not talking to any one. Well penned Anthony!


vivinfrance said...

Intriguing ride. Today's poems are all adventures of different kinds.