Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chimera Honey

The sweet nector of decadence pours into a jar of honey to set
I watched that jar of decadent honey turn to gold 
The outcome was the most beautiful soul I've ever met


The impossible existed
A unicorn with its wings lifted 
The horned beauty turned, kneeled, & welcomed me
As I saddled on its back 
My feet pulled off the ground 
A slight struggle from the honey on the unicorn's hooves
Thoughts of melting the honey with fire 
From a candle came across my mind 
But my selfishness was in the wrong
Swiftly & slowly 
The horned beauty trotted on adversity
And drilled the walls of hypocrisy
Leaving a sweet trail of honey with each step
We walked through blackouts, wars, & meltdowns 
That misshaped the earth's mold 
Little by little
And still 
The unicorn couldn't fly
The decadent honey stayed on its hooves to keep 
Us on the grounds of life
Force us to achieve
Even in strife

So pure, yet powerful 
So strong, yet defenseless

The most beautiful soul I've ever met,
Was lifeless 

© 2010 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Gabriela Abalo said...

I love your poetry! It comes directly from your soul and that makes it outstanding.


Steve said...

The first poem was well-written, the second was more gut-intense. Both worked.

Anonymous said...

I adore the use of metaphor here. Intense stuff.

Adam White - Poet said...

Great work here. Imagery is so strong.

Beachanny said...

Riding the unicorn of legend through the myths of time. Well done Anthony. Thanks for this. Getting stronger all the time. Gay @beachanny

moondustwriter said...

Wow to think that beauty and talent can be chained to the ground never to fly or live...

what great imagery my friend

A fantastic One shot

thanks for your kindness on my sight

Moon smiles

Whitesnake said...

I liked it!

Monkey Man said...

Sweet imagery likening honey to a flypaper trap. Great One Shot.

Hope said...

a beautiful spirit grounded. sounds like the whole human race.

love your poetry!
thank you

me_duress said...

I love the slow halt it comes to - you almost whisper the last lines - The most beautiful soul I've ever met,
Was lifeless

tuberider said...

The last two lines were a sting in the tail. A nice twist that adds gravity.

Pete Marshall said...

firstly....The most beautiful soul I've ever met,
Was lifeless...was a knockout ending

the whole poem though was a fluent, enjoyable read, i loved the interlinking of honey & unicorns...as monkey man said..a flypaper trap..cheers pete

Eric Alder said...

Nothing more tragic than to watch something beautiful die.

I liked how your unicorn "drilled the walls of hypocrisy" - too often the unicorn's horn is portrayed as passive, which is counter-intuitive to the purpose of horns in the animal kingdom.

I also enjoy honey, so your incorporating it here really worked for me. Nice job, Anthony!

Anonymous said...

Force us to achieve
Even in strife.... strong words
great choice of characters in this piece.

Carrie Burtt said...

This is beautiful Anthony....so many wonderful images...and an amazing metaphor. :-)

June_Butterfly said...

Amazing!One of the best ones I've read so far!

I'm partial to unicorns.Love them to bits!I love how you describe its strength and fragility!

Indeed,a beautiful one shot!

Claudia said...

a dream-like flow in your poem and a wow! ending!!
well done anthony

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