Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Last Poem

I threw my favorite shoes in the lake
The Lake was no more than about 4ft. deep 
So I could still see them 
If I ever wanted to come back
I walked towards a fork in the road 
I picked whichever way 
The sun's blinding rays were shining

I ran with hopes of endless pots of gold
with every breath

I stumbled upon a cactus, 
I put my hands on it

I jammed my hands into it 
Like an angry man putting holes
In thin apartment walls

I bled,
The sting lasted for hours 

I kept the laces from those now 
Watered down shoes 
I needed them to make a noose

Sweat was dripping into my eyes,
Still no match for the sting 
Of prick filled hands 

The salty taste on my tongue was of my mother 

Sweat reminded me of home, 
I was a man, a strong man 
With too much to carry 
I wanted to be that carefree boy again
But that was impossible,
Like knowing the exact moment of a strangers death,
That was impossible 

I finally came to an old tree:
Very thick, bare, & deathly haunting
The branches were sturdy enough to hang 
My every hope & all my dreams
Stripped bark across the bottom 
Revealed a gathering of bees 
The Queen was in the center 
I assumed she was happy
The only Queen that would ever give me comfort
Was not a human being,
But a bee 

Nothing but a fucking bee 

I was home, but still 
I was worthless 

I climbed the tree 
Took my shirt off 
And baked in the blistering heat 
As time told me what I needed to do 
A single gust of light 
Cool air ran across my entire body 
I closed my eyes & shut off all my senses 

As soon as I awoke 
I felt hot road, & small bits of rock 
Cutting the skin between my toes

I knew what I had to do
I buried the noose 
I went back to the lake for 
My shoes

© 2010 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Bubba said...

Next time, you can just soak your hands in cider. My sister taught me that remedy; she said any time she gets a prick in her hand she puts it in cider.

Bad jokes aside, this was brilliant, Anthony - so despondent and desperate, such anguish!

(Put your shoes back on... your journey is far from over!)

Unknown said...

haha! Thank you very much Eric!

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

Sounds like the worst of days
So well portrayed my friend
I was in and around trees and looking at that noose with trepidation

thanks for the One Shot and being #1 Today

Moon smiles

Anonymous said...

I got hung up on the detail, and the bee! Excellent one shot again anthony.


Anonymous said...

Glad for the positive end !! followed this poem as if am unraveling a painting of words .. good one !

Don Carlo said...

A girl from Germany told me to come here today, and so....very pleasant, the first posting I read

Did you write this before you put on back your shoes, without laces?
Good shot!

Anonymous said...

I hoped the water helped your hands and feet when you got back there. I was running with you.

Dulçe ♥ said...

Great spectacular Shot!
Me likes!

Carrie Van Horn said...

I can feel the weight of burden and anguish in your words Anthony...this is a powerfully written! :-)

hedgewitch said...

Convoluted, even tortuous at times, but your message is as lucid as your pain. Excellent close.

M G Reignier said...

Strong, powerful with something deeper buried within it. Liked it.

dustus said...

The poem felt like a punch to the gut when the speaker says "I was home, but still / I was worthless." Many layers. And the ending very cool. Cheers

June_Butterfly said...

Now this one hits hard!Truly powerful write.I guess I will need more experience to be able to write this way.

Brilliant one shot!Thanks for sharing ,Anthony!

Anonymous said...

Powerful writing! Thank you for sharing.

Brock S. Henning said...

Thanks Anthony. This is really good. The poem really jabbed me when you mentioned the queen bee being the only Queen that would ever give you comfort. I felt the sting.

Helena Malheur said...

a deep and powerful poem full of vivid imagery -- I was on the road with you till the very end. Enjoyed the read.

Anonymous said...

This is a strong write indeed Anthony. Great One Shot. Love and Light, Sender

gautami tripathy said...

This hits hard. Words jabbed me. And good you buried the noose and needed to get back those shoes. There is never any other option, other than continuing with the life's destined journey.

destined wanderings

Anonymous said...

So much pain and angst in this, amazingly written struggle...but the end...love how you twisted it into NOT ending, even more impact ~ determination that despite everything surrounding, still moving forward. Awesome work! ~April

Jenne' R. Andrews said...

Wow-- you tricked us! I love the shoes in the lake.xxxj

Anonymous said...

Love the opening gambit of throwing your favourite shoes into a shallow lake.. really captured my imagination. Strong all thru, this piece, nice work.


Luke @ WordSalad

DeLi said...

a single gust of light could also provide some illumination, dont they?

Unknown said...

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for reading, commenting, & enjoying my work... I appreciate every word. I really do.

Adam Common, Poet said...

"Sweat was dripping into my eyes,
Still no match for the sting
Of prick filled hands

The salty taste on my tongue was of my mother"

These lines particularly drew me in, opening up all kinds of thoughts about the subject of the poem. In one sense these words are deep and innocent and in another they convey a sense of bottomless mental trauma and a dark past. Wish I could see in to your head and work out the actual meaning.

Maybe I'm looking too deep...

Mama Zen said...

Absolutely outstanding!

Steve Isaak said...

Fun, striking-image, round-about/dovetail work.

The_DRod said...

Wow! I loved this poem. Keep up the good work.

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