Tuesday, February 8, 2011

52 Pieces Of The Gun

Laid out like The Dalton Gang 
Pale white like ostrich head 
Arms crossed eyes shut for graves 
Pyramids raided like weed heads 
Rolled blunt fires scorching
Across ancient grounds
Tar on tip of cigarette light up
Blow like jokers bet 
Sinking like hollow waters 
Almost like the cement isn't set
Six shooters load & fire
Aim for higher like unsatisfied spirits 
Exposed from bullet holes 
Like flaming exhibitionists
Bill Powers like Grant Dalton
Full brim hat 
Neatly trimmed mustache
Archived like revolver blueprints

© Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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moondustwriter said...

I guess any scenario would be the same - a waste!

nice one Anthony some history et al

Appreciate the One Shot

Anonymous said...

I had to google the history, I'm funny like that! Loved the story in here, you're wise for a young 'un! I like that. Great poem Anthony

dustus said...

Never read a poem about The Dalton Gang, let alone an extremely creative one with a great deal said between the lines. Powerful way to end too.

Beachanny said...

All the stuff of American folklore. I grew up in Texas (not far OK border) hearing these tales. Lord they glorified the outlaws through the Great Depression! You did a bang up job here, Anthony! Thanks, Gay

Brian Miller said...

whew...blow like jokers...some nice simile play in this one...gritty i like it...and the new header...

Natasha said...

A gripping write that leads to the reader wanting to know more of the story. The image grabs the attention, and the words pull you right through to the close. A well delivered piece that's a Oneshot winner.

Jingle said...

powerful blow.

Thanks for sharing it with Jingle Poetry.

Jingle said...


keep rocking.

Anonymous said...

I love the old world feel of it. The last line really, really stayed with me. "Archived like revolver blueprints"

signed...bkm said...

Love the way you write about history and bring the past to life....nice piece on the Dalton Gang...bkm

Anonymous said...

woah! this is nice! here's my potluck~ http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/broken-home/

anthonynorth said...

That's powerful and edgy. Excellently done.

Anonymous said...

Nice one for the bandelero -- high caliber and explosive-tipped. - Brendan

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

What a great feel! Lots to like here.
(And lots of the word "like" too! LOL!)

A very nice piece, Anthony! Different for you.

Anonymous said...

Very raw and powerful!

Anonymous said...

so interesting! i loved this, it was so well depicted and written. great poem.
here's some of me really old pieces (to fit the theme, but please also bare in mind that some of these i wrote years ago:

Jerry said...

Suprised not to see the face in the header. The Dalton gang...sureal.

gautami tripathy said...

powerful stuff..


Anonymous said...

Wow, very good, very creative.

Anonymous said...

Ohh... I like the intensity in here..
And "archived like revolver blueprints"... that was a very well used metaphor...

A gripping One Shot, Anthony!! Whheeww

Steve Isaak said...

Superb story telling, versifying.

Claudia said...

yes - archived like revolver blueprints - is also the line that sticks with me - powerful write anthony