Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Serenade me with 
biblical verse 
in a whisper 
so pure it only 
deserves to be 
heard by a man 
laid in a hearse
follow me like 
brick tied to 
foot thrown in 
a river though 
the suicide note 
was illegible not 
because of the ink 
running miles behind 
me my childish ways 
were beside me as betrayal stemming from the devil's 
emancipation I hid like a bride's apathy in a veil laced 
with compensation the lord of darkness was Jesus to me 
a hermaphrodite 
was given to thee 
a steady final plea 
risen from the sea 
as Aphrodite

©2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...

hid like a brides apathy...the concrete upside down cross too says much...well constructed anthony...superb delivery as i have grown to expect...much respect man

and i dont understand hate & discrim myself though grew up around it every where and know it still exists...

Ben Langhinrchs said...

Wow, I like the way you use the upside down cross bust still build rhythm and rhymes into your poetry. Shape poems sometimes feel forced, but this does not.

As an aside, I love the top image on your blog.

dustus said...

"emancipation I hid like a bride's apathy in a veil laced with compensation the lord of darkness was Jesus to me" the driving refutation expressed in the lines and the visual presentation... damn artful and bold.

C Rose said...

The architecture is an immediate compelling aspect to this piece. A feeling of at odds pulled the energy forward as I read. A very capturing write! ~ Rose

Anthony Desmond said...

Thanks everyone... much appreciated.

Claudia said...

the bride's apathy and the veil laced with compensation is a strong image anthony..tight write

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

This is excellent in so many ways... I just love what is written in the shadow of the cross

Leslie said...

your look at death, betrayal and the cross each a volume for each - yet you pull them together in a whisper, a plea, in apathy

well done Anthony

:) Moonie and thanks for everything

ayala said...

This is excellent and well done :)

Anonymous said...

I honestly am tongue tied.

PattiKen said...

There are so many vivid images in this. You've used the shape, almost like a negative image of the cross above, so well. It reinforced your words perfectly.

And once again, I'm struck by the picture at the top. You always give us such wonderful images.

Kim Nelson said...

The imagery and diction evoke a series of emotions, all raw. Nice write.

Leo said...

Beautiful imagery and flow.. thought provoking, and the verse shaped like a cross was well done!

My One Shot Poem

upinthecosmos said...

So awesome! Stop in & read Breaking Away

lori said...

your words are always expressed powerfully and passionately. thankful you are free from constraint in your expressions.

Anthony Desmond said...

I can't thank any of you enough... the things all of you wonderful poets say about my work still just wows me... it really means so much! I appreciate all the support

Anonymous said...

The upside down cross, great shape, great meaningful poem expressed articulately and intelligently. Way to go hun!

Anonymous said...

Hey, very nice indeed.

Kerry O'Connor said...

The visual impact of your post, adds a wow factor to the finished product but should not detract from the power of the words themselves. I like reading pieces which come from completely new angles - they make me sit up and take note.

Olivia said...

The visual impact you have created with the image and upside down cross shaped words.. it has only added to the intensity of the theme!

very well written..
Hugs xox

signed...bkm said...

Anthony, the visual is fantastic with this piece...your writing is coming to find its real voice I believe after reading the past couple of One Shots...the brides apathy veiled...and more..the emotion is felt full and not hidden which makes it a great write...nice work..bkm

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Not just a clever arrangement, but a strong message as well. It would work either way.

Anonymous said...

powerful imagery... I liked especially the part about the brick tied to the foot of the suicide... Strong write.

Tracie Skarbo said...

Beautiful...I think these are my favorite lines because of the image that came to mind.

the suicide note
was illegible not
because of the ink
running miles behind
me my childish ways

Anonymous said...

I'm just blown away. Poignantly worded and perfectly arranged, your words grip both spiritually and physically. Bravo!

siula said...
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Sheila Moore said...

impressive - your poems are uninhibited, which is a unique style I have come to expect and enjoy from you, Anthony.