Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Halo around her waist 
hearts painted on the wall 
to cover the cracks in her foundation 
guitar in the key of A 
while dreading her locks

Face to the sky 
uneven grass bent at the tips of her toes
as she wishes to feel cement
it's almost midnight 
and still bright eyed

She looks at the hours upside down
to slow the close of the open door
when she's rightside up 
she feels suffocated

Desperate to find her other half
unknowingly looking for self
she does handstands in the desert
just to find out if she can

Halo fallen to her knees 
loser, pitiful, unworthy 
she looks down and admires the cracked 
culking in the cracks of the bathroom floor

Head on pillow 
make up on face 
scissors by hand
murder mystery on nightstand 

Halo around ankles
it's harder to take risks 
harder to breathe and harder to cope
hearts on wall are now just as cracked
scissors in hand she cuts hair 
and is free from rolling wheelchair

© 2010 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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signed...bkm said...

Oh nice Anthony...love it all and there is so much mystery in this girl...I want to know more about here...the progression of halo from waist to ankles the freeing from wheelchair...oodles of great images here...bkm

moondustwriter said...

What a great poem Anthony you pull the reader thru the door and under the wheelchair among other places

Thanks for your one shot support and for hosting Osp chat

Brian Miller said...

nice progression on this an the back and forth form does well to move the story along as well...the scissors by hand murder mystery on the nightstand makes some great allusions as well to the feel of the moment...

LauraX said...

Beautiful! I love the repetition, it carries us through this journey. My favorite phrase: "Desperate to find her other half
unknowingly looking for self"


Beachanny said...

The images as startling as ever, the metaphors so cohesive, and Christina's World emerges as an interior still life. Exquisite!

Dulce said...

Yes... we are all half of ourselves... loved how you slit your poem on to one and another site
great work Anthony!

Anonymous said...

love it. one of my faves.

LadyCat said...

I really like this! We all start out with our halos intact. But as time passes and life happens to us, the halo falls a little with each passing diaappointment.

Elizabeth Young said...

Wow, this is deep. I love something to chew on Anthony, a truly intelligent piece.

Belinda Munoz said...

What a creative piece! I enjoyed following the southward descent of the halo.

ayala said...

Anthony, a creative poem. I enjoyed this. :)

Fred said...

Anthony, excellent piece. Lots of really cool lines in here, really enjoyed it, thanks for posting:)

Anonymous said...

Anthony, I really enjoyed this. There's some great wordplay and imagery, as well as compelling emotion.

G-Man said...

Very creative and well written.
You Da Man!!

Heaven said...

Very creative I agree~

Your work reminds me of my son's poetry ~

Mama Zen said...

Outstanding. I particularly liked
"she looks at the hours upside down
to slow the close of the open door"

Anonymous said...

Great images, motionas the poem flows. I enjoyed it !!!

Anonymous said...

The structure of this poem adds to the beauty of it! The mystery draws you in as well.

Claudia said...

dang anthony - your poems always leave me speechless....i love what you sell...i really do - you rock the poetic galaxy!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The structure, the repetition... creative and amazingly written... You rocked this!


Anonymous said...

Vivid images here, Anthony. I can see her. Plainly. Good poem.

Ponti said...

Loved this - LadyCat summed it up for me, the halo theme is outstanding

Anonymous said...

Jeez man this is strong. Compelling stuff. I wish I had visited you sooner.