Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Solo. Duo.

Acid splatters against walls 
Made of straw like brains 
Brains cover these 
Walls made of straw 
Brains expand and stick 
Like the result of bewildered 12 gauge

Not one, I, two,

I crave the terrific hold of your bare skin 
Forced (without sin) 
The night turns grey 
Shouts from beneath my pillow 
A love like rain 
Useless words making impact 
Pouring like poetry, 
Coming down, 
Saliva drips from chin 
Mixes with thyself, I killed for,
The taste of heat and solid wealth 

Spine on a plate 
Eat the only support I have 

Therefore, I, hate,

©2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Claudia said...

dang anthony - what a fantastic poem - there's so much intensity in this that it jumps from the screen - and i wonder how your blog can hold your writing without bursting to pieces...excellent..and excellent last line

Brian Miller said...

damn bro that has a wicked intensity beginning to end...shot gun to the spine laid out...hate.

Pat Hatt said...

Such an intense poem, great subtle rhyming keeping the increasing pace too. Nicely done.

Uneven Stephen said...

My brain is still trying to process this poem, but damn is it awesome. Intense imagery - your words hit hard and make one think. Great read!

Ben Langhinrchs said...

Wow, that's tough stuff going on in there.

Beachanny said...

Clearly works...it's as strong as you like it to be. Hate, huh? Hope it's not yours just a commentary. Sending you love. G.

Radio Nowhere said...

Holy Fudd, that's solid. Penetrating, searing and insistent.

emmettwheatfall.com said...

Anthony, this pokes at the reader in a brilliant way. The reader must digest portions and once complete, the whole comes together. There is something powerful about your poetry. You free yourself to speak. You go there, meaning "where there is to you." Your future as a poet is bright. I look forward to gazing in that light.

Libby said...

Stunning and visceral with great pace. Libby @Libbypoetry

Heaven said...

Raw imagery.. thanks for sharing this.

ayala said...

wow..intense...raw...so good...

Joseph Hesch said...

Welcome back to the One Shot leadoff position, AD. And you came out swinging with this hard-hitting piece, spreading imagery like, well, "a bewildered 12 gauge." Love that image.

lori said...

Your work is always overflowing with raw passion. I often find myself sitting for a second to digest it before speaking to you about it. Sometimes, I'm left with no words. What you do is pretty amazing for sure.

Anonymous said...

that sounded devilishly dark.. and oh so intense!
those last 3 lines... fantabulous and so very effective!

Kodjo Deynoo. said...

Full of intensity and power, there was feel real emotion felt

Anonymous said...

i've read several of your poems but only have the strength left to comment on one ~ your words are alive, powerful, intense, vivid, raw... almost shimmering in the air as the reader tries to swallow them whole. stunning!

hedgewitch said...

What a slaughterhouse of the self, wherein we find the true meal. Amazing imagery, AD--those last lines are riveting.