Monday, October 17, 2011


I laid with you as an eloquent nude
Accepting every hour 
As another eccentricity
In a bath of your lemon curd 
A climax of euphoria 
From your full lips 
Down to the fat of your hips 
Counting thy blessings as
One torn rib of man 
Creating a cannibal's cave in the sheets 
While two tongues wilt like dying roses 
In an eclipse of atmosphere reminiscent of 3 a.m.
You light a cigarette while I play the flute
For this starless night as the face
Of a hungry child graces the television set 
Actors paid to enslave beggars 
For a petty flashing light
Encircled in smoke rings 
I still breathe fullness as pure 
As my once virgin tongue 
Now weaving between your teeth 
As you slowly capture me in your  jaw 
For pleasures unknown 
Plotting revenge like a sadistic fiend  
I am a cross at the scene of a tragedy 
Overshadowed by tall blades of grass 
A venomous hold sharp like 
The structure of your face 
Cheek bones give me lacerations 
Along my spine with intentions to please
Gagged and bound 
I have your disease

©2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...

One torn rib of man
Creating a cannibal's cave in the sheets
While two tongues wilt like dying roses


i ama cross at the scene of a tragedy

great lines anthony and hot verse...nice an sensual...might not be a bad disease...

Anonymous said...

this is one disease worth having...sensual write my friend :)

Uneven Stephen said...

Another excellent piece. This line really resonated with me, gave me shivers: "I am a cross at the scene of a tragedy / Overshadowed by tall blades of grass". Thanks for the thought-provoking write.

mrs mediocrity said...

whew. so many great lines to love, I can't pick a favorite, but really love the whole piece.

theborgpoet said...

My favorite? I laid with you as an eloquent nude. Thanks for posting and sharing.

jen revved said...

Intense and beautiful. Your lines cascade with assurance one to the other delivering a riveting portrait of lovers loving and the painful ache there....xxxj

Anonymous said...

Gorgeously rendered and full of ideas, thank you for giving us such incredible work each week.

Mama Zen said...

This is so rich with imagery. Wow!

Beachanny said...

I know you are using sensual imagery; however, I read this as political and perhaps religious protest. Am I wrong? The disease is pulling us all into darkness (and probably not filled with delicious lemon curd). Thought provoking, for sure. Well done, Anthony!

Dulce said...

That disease tells me as if aids... but at the same time, a contagious beautiful love thing... don't know...

Anonymous said...

Very sensual, what an affliction! some lovely writing here..very much enjoyed this poem, especially:
'Counting thy blessings as
One torn rib of man
Creating a cannibal's cave in the sheets'

Claudia said...

oh goodness anthony...this is dripping with raw sensuality...sent shivers down my spine...pure pleasure...

Louise said...

Darkly sensuous & very intense. "Gagged and bound I have your disease" ~ Maybe not a bad thing...

Fred said...

Powerful images here, excellent read, thanks

Joanne Elliott said...

Lots of interesting images you paint, especially
"I laid with you as an eloquent nude."

"I still breathe fullness as pure" This line strikes me as well.

lori said...

Perhaps, I read it wrong, but I thought it was kind of sad, like one wanting what wasn't good. Either way, you know how to rock a poem, Anthony. Excellent as always :)

Anonymous said...

Well hello! This was a steamy one Anthony mixed with a little regret perhaps?

emmett wheatfall said...

Aspects of brillance litter this poem. Not as trash, but momentary insights into a great poets mind. You are getting better, more refined, diverse, and original Anthony.

Reflections said...

Brilliant piece my friend. Love the depth hidden within the images, weaving darkness into the blanket of sensuality.

Ann LeFlore said...

such an excellent write all your lines are brilliant and it is hard to choose one that stands out more than the rest so well done

kez said...

very sensual write ....thanks for sharing x

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Very sensual and hot words. Love it.


Morning said...

hot, powerful attitude.

well done piece.

bajanpoet said...

Loved this poem ... very sensual :)

Jeff said...

I see it as a harsh, admonishing social commentary with poetic license liberally employed.

I've read it several times without making much more of it, but if it is what you intended, it is enough.