Tuesday, December 27, 2011


They say the devil is always busy 
I assume he's the owner of doubt 
I'm only human so late at night
I wonder off into the future 
and try to find my failure instead 
of what I believe is my success
monkey on my back 
responsibility on my shoulders 
even through hell the angel on earth 
that is my mother tells me 
all things are possible through christ
still I can't understand 
how I can look at her without tears 
bearing down my cheeks
how I carried the weight of a man 
but never lost hold of my childhood 
learned my life lessons 
without the aid of a classroom 
while every razor bump told me 
to go with the grain 
I refused to listen and still came out clean
statistics show that a young black boy 
would turn out to be 
just another jail cell filler 
especially with a father who could buy 
a nintendo 64 but couldn't find the time 
to raise his own boy
I knew my roll long before 
the musk of foul armpit 
slapped me across the face
I was the man of the house 
but still my mama 
kept me in my place 
raising a leader 
in a war from pole to pole 
where slangin' firearms 
and niggas killin' niggas 
is an everyday casualty 
the shackles are gone 
but mental slaves are 
at an all time high 
like endless bad bitches 
and an all time high 
are the only things 
I should give a fuck about 
so instead I sit in trees not roll them 
and dream to Watch The Throne 
"No Church in The Wild" 
or some song no one ever heard of
thinking to myself 
*could I be the kanye west of poetry?*
yet another tasteless metaphor

©2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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*I'm very proud to say that I am a part of the amazing poetry anthology, 
What is Inspiration: Thoughts on Life, Volume 1. click here to download from Amazon*

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Anonymous said...

Vivid and powerful poem.

Brian Miller said...

the world is quite teh classroom itself anthony...glad you never let go of that childhood though...so many do...haha kanye aint so bad is he? smiles...congrats on the anthology!

Claudia said...

i think the most important lessons are not those they teach us at school..and i think trees are the perfect place to sit and look at life from a different angle what you always do so masterfully.. and congrats on the anthology as well!!

Anonymous said...

This is very deep! :) ENjoyed it, thank you!

Happy new year! And nice meeting you! :)

Natasha Head said...

Anthony...you offer so much more than Kanye! Seriously...you can aim higher than that!(Don't get me wrong...get the biggest kick out of Kanye...but I take you a bit more seriously!) You've already learned more from your lessons than most...now how to we get your words to the world so the next Anthony knows he doesn't have to roll the trees? Fantastic weave Poet!

Heaven said...

I was touched by your words...its authentic and hopeful, yes despite of the challenges. Congrats on your anthology ~

Wishing the best for 2012 ~

Louise said...

You come across as a strong poet with a tender side...I also was touched by your words, and know that life chucks obstacles at us all the time. You seem well on your way & congrats on being published! :)

Arron Shilling said...

Kanye west is the Kanye West of poetry...legend...no doubt... but forget all his hype machine and any status bullshit...this is what you do and i shit you not...in this poem i find inspiration pride and the joy of expression... i know where your at...the pressure and all the bullshit...but the act of writing and writing this way...this is your armour and your weapon...any add ons will can only distract...live, write resist...(drop out;)

I should give a fuck about
so instead I sit in trees not roll them
and dream to Watch The Throne

the truth and the power...all the best my friend

Mama Zen said...

I find this to beautiful, touching, and authentic. Fantastic write, Anthony!

wood said...

portraits like this are good, putting ourselves on paper, like a map. note where we stand, where we've been, and the best routes into the future. enjoyed the read, really like your style.

Patricia said...

Really cool on the anthology Anthony. I am happy for you =) Thank you for your portrait. I'd love to meet your angel on earth and tell her what I think of you. She would smile. Don't need another Kanye... when there is Anthony Desmond Scott... it's a privilege to read your work.

Steve E said...

Looked at the Anthology. Anthony, you are in some really good company...saw Gay Cannon there, as well as others. Congratulations.

School? Maybe to learn to read and write...then where to find everything else, as one becomes ready and willing.

Devil may be the owner of doubt, but he lends anyone a copy for free--grin! Hold your head high--this coming from ME! (The master of self-deprecation--grin!!!
PEACE and GREAT 2012!

Shashi S said...

I liked reading this one my friend. Its vivid and evocative...

Congratulations... for getting published.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Yousei Hime said...

Congratulations. And this poem was spectacular--uncomfortable, questioning, and honest.

Shadiatique said...

That's a poets work. Very deep, and well written. I'm speechless ;)

~L said...

Not sure if my comment went through ... I hope so:)

~L said...

Ok... Looks like it didn't ...

I live the power and depth you so passionately displayed! I can appreciate such honesty as you write with so much emotion... Very talented you are!

~L said...

you really have no idea what reading this twice was like for me... the emotions that were torn from my soul as I read this was unreal.... this is honest... bold and perfect! you spoke your truth and did it with guts!

(I am the queen of typos... my comment above.... should have said love not live) ;)