Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This old apartment quarantined and abandoned
Housing bloody mirrors and spotless walls 
For a decent distraction
They say a wounded spirit never leaves its home 
I must turn myth to legend in a bed of flesh and bone
As I walk alone dragging a loved one through dirt

I a gravedigger let his demons spread like cancer

Rotting fumes with every raindrop
The scent of lust at its coldest
I shall sacrifice purity for endless orgasm
And love what so many can't bear to accept

The precious gem of vanity
Slit my throat in the name of validation if master asked
A pouring of blood beautifully 
Displayed in a riedel wine glass 
Each sip dribbling down the side of your mouth 
And into the pocket of your handsome face
My instincts are cannibal as I witness
A slow rotting fine paste 
I found pleasure in the cum filled asshole 
Of a malignant asshole
It should be filled with maggots 
I should be filled with guilt
Not gazing at my master like he wasn't 
A fucking human being
More like a victim of distress 
Ripped from head to base like torture to a rapist
Master held me close 
Leaving his mark like a cicatrix 
Stark naked and soft 
His veins pulsate as if their yearning
For crack cocaine
He's addicted as I 
An eternal sleeper on a cot of decomposed forgiveness

©2011 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Didn't hold any punches with this one. I need to read again... after lunch perhaps.

Brian Miller said...

nice...an endless orgasm eh...that might eventually become painful...smiles...vivid and intense...a Master...ack i have a little trouble bowing o that...

Claudia said...

dang anthony..you never just write "something" - there's always heaven and hell raging across your place...tight write..They say a wounded spirit never leaves its home... an excellent capture!

Anonymous said...

totally enjoyable, glad I came across yours on d-verse

Anonymous said...

heavy duty; heavy handed…i'm blown away.
this piece has shock value some nice lines here.
this piece is sorta…kinda…Gothic?
heavy duty imagery here, & scary too.
all I can say is…wow.

Anonymous said...

Wow, well you definitely put the world to rights in this poem deliciously dark as only mu lovely apple pie can do

Louise said...

Wow, indeed...dark, dark, darkly great! Phew!!

Ostensible Truth said...

oh ho ho - what a piece!! dripping with power - "I a gravedigger let his demons spread like cancer
Rotting fumes with every raindrop" - powerful write here - a big flash of hell mixed with the revolutions of the earth - spinning into more - so many great descriptions and flashes throughout this - nice seeing it up at dVerse! will be back to this blog I'm sure, OT!

Arron Shilling said...


fearless and savage (what a double act;)

this isnt a poem... this is a kick in the eye balls and a kiss to the brain... muscular and powerful and intent on waking up a slumbering reader... you did it... you did it good!

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty great right there.

On so many levels.

Heaven said...

As a woman reading this, I felt the chills up my spine. The word "Master" evokes a relationship I am not comfortable with. These lines are powerful though and I applaud you for this post:

Master held me close
Leaving his mark like a cicatrix
Stark naked and soft
His veins pulsate as if their yearning
For crack cocaine
He's addicted as I
An eternal sleeper on a cot of decomposed forgiveness

emmett wheatfall said...

My man! To thy own self be true. Go where no one can go but you my friend.

Beth Winter said...

The voice in my head as I read this will haunt me and I love it. This is dark, demented and damned good. Wow, what an intriguing lingering effect.

mrs mediocrity said...

this was so powerful, i don't seem to have words to respond. wow seems insufficient. but, wow.

Beachanny said...

Lots of weaving of influences, can't quite place the flotsam and jetsam of religious detritus but there's always strength and rebellion in your words. Well done! Thanks my friend!

Anonymous said...

Blood on the mirrors indeed... brilliantly dislocating.. an unnerving read.

But as the writer you held your nerve.

Caty said...

wow, Anthony! as Beth said, definitely demented. Your writing is fantastic. It leaves me speechless.

Luke Prater said...

strong closure here Anthony