Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I transcend from vatican 
To a place where snow caves in 
Ain't no sunshine around my town 
Just cold souls bucking like horses 
Giving birth to the devil 
Words appear in midair 
Light as a whisper 
Women lay on their backs 
And get dirt in their hair 
Men drive their fancy cars 
And carry their diamond 
Studded bitches around 
The necks of the devils 
The necks of themselves 
Peace from the east 
Gets murdered in the west 
The slain bodies 
Cover potholes while
Water bugs lay & rest 

Maggots nest on the rotten flesh 
Giving fresh eggs of forbidden death 

Flies swarm the young 
Hardly talking 
Hardly walking 
Amongst these filthy humans 
Out came the flies
They ate on shit left 
By bitches & praise 
Well smitten 
Like vampires 
The biting 
Were once 
Never bitten 

©2012 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.  

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Brian Miller said...

wicked cool flow...disturbing imager...the bodies covering the potholes, nice gritty touch...and chicks as status, seen enough...flies on the little ones, shivers...nice man

Fred Rutherford said...

Strong write. Love the imagery, dirty, vile, filthy. Great read. Thanks

Claudia said...

dang...strong images in this...the maggots and vampires...the covering potholes while
water bugs lay & rest..gritty and tight write again anthony

mrs mediocrity said...

another powerful one, so many great lines... loved these especially:
Peace from the east
Gets murdered in the west

great music in this one!

Anonymous said...

Powerful words and imagery...Vampires, flies and maggots...you certainly didn't hold back. Great read!

Joseph Hesch said...

Yo, lighten up, Anthony! ;)

No, man, this was several-shots-to-the-gut-and-liking-it good! Disturbing, but, hey, I've got a disturbing scene by a roadside in mine.

Congrats on the Chromatopia book. Feel like I'm hanging with family.

poemblaze said...

Gritty and dark, echoing Claudia's comments. Death lurks everywhere.

zongrik said...

i just read Brian's and his was gruesome, is today gruesome day?

apollo and the two muses

Mark Windham said...

dark. powerful and full of sad reality. Well, well done.

Anonymous said...

Evocative, disturbing, surreal and full of musicality, another fine write!

Zouxzoux said...

The gritty reality of a part of society most people don't want to know about. Well done.

Daydreamertoo said...

Reading a book right now called 'Grim Reaper by Steve Alten. This piece reminds me of the story. Mankind's evil ways catching up to us in the end of days... great read Anthony, as wa this/

ayala said...

A powerful write..some strong lines..the maggots nest on the rotten flesh, good write.

Anonymous said...

Ferocious....prodding a stick at the fetid underbelly of a world no one wants to acknowledge...man....you have got some FIRE in your belly and I love it

Arron Shilling said...

this growls like a big bad dog looking to bite back Beethoven... you can qoute me on that too :) - cold souls bucking like horses - schwing!

this hit me as if i were a nasty bitch and it were a brick pimp sporting a fetching knuckle duster and looking to get paid!

Women lay on their backs
And get dirt in their hair

dont thay though?

shit yeah

bombing the drop!

Laura said...

really intense...wow!

Natasha Head said...

Brutal, intense, fierce, and down right freaking scary Poet! LOVE!!! :)

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Very brutal and muscular writing. Great disgusting images, well done. How are you ever going to get that job with Hallmark Greetings though? Excellent job, my friend.

Beth Winter said...

whoa... can I say ditto to all the previous responses? Wrenching.

signed...bkm said...

Well smitten
Like vampires
The biting
Were once
Never bitten

fierce, indeed ditto Natasha..you pull in the world that many refuse to see...all of it is there...blind or sighted...bkm

Aidz Giannini said...

enjoyed... no more needs to be said when it is a masterful scribe

Lilu said...

I love the darkness and strength in this...
The imagery is just mind-blowing.
This is fierce.
Thanks for the read!

Ruth said...

I read, then I looked at your masks on the mast, and then I read again. Monstrously good!

Aaron Kent - twoinformalfeet.blogspot.com said...

You don't hold back do you? This is an bsolutely immense piece and - once again - I am awestruck.

emmett wheatfall said...

Anthony, the tigthest line in the whole poem is "Just cold souls buckling like horses." Love the alliteration between "cold" and "soul." That line reads like music. I will not forget that line.

Alex Dissing said...

"The biting were once never bitten." Testament to emmett's comment, I will not forget that one.