Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ungodly Act I

"The death in which we believe 
is the god in which we don't..." -

The uneasy feeling 
The breaths you take 
The thoughts you think 
When no one is looking 
But always around 
Like hide n' go seek 
To a child 

The fast of 
Water/syrup/cayenne pepper
The rotting teeth 
The aesthetics of a queen 
That cost too much 
Melancholy in your pocket 
Like that face down penny 
You picked up because 
You're not superstitious
But still hoping for luck

Amiss is the mindset
That dares to relish 
In fat ass complements 
Thus drugstore laxatives 
Are the substitute for 
Anal sex

©2012 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...

dude what a rip...great opening with the quote...that is enough to blow the mind itself...but you dance well from there...Melancholy in your pocket
Like that face down penny
---not superstiticous but still hope for luck...that is spirituality 101 here man...

Claudia said...

heck...the closure line is like the big bang ending... i had a colleague once who was very supersticious..and this reminded me a bit of her..

ayala said...

These lines are just great...Melancholy in your pocket
Like that face down penny
You picked up because
You're not superstitious
But still hoping for luck

Uneven Stephen said...

Dark write. I'm scared to read future acts...but seriously, your imagery and word choice hits like a hammer. I love "You're not superstitious / But still hoping for luck."

Anonymous said...

I like the laid-back almost Beat rhythm of this poem. And I LOVED the ending smash

signed...bkm said...

Love the whole second stanza..and the ending a real kicker...great writing...bkm

hedgewitch said...

The worship of death is almost as big a business as the worship of money in our culture, which seems terribly fixated on what's going on in your last stanza, both the getting and the giving of it. Excellent poem.

Aaron Kent said...

Like that face down penny
You picked up because
You're not superstitious
But still hoping for luck

Love the above lines, the futility of trying hope. Realising you wont achieve anything but hoping in the slightest that you will.

Ace as usual...

mrs mediocrity said...

your words always pack such a punch... a good thing when it comes to poetry.
still hoping for luck... yes, aren't we all?

Arron Shilling said...

every time i take a shit i see death,
a little piece of me flushing sweetcorns whole,
there it goes -
a super sub:
round the bowl :)

kick ass write... you know i loved the final stanza the best!

Aidz Giannini said...

This one packs a punch , felt every word n line... bravo

Zouxzoux said...

The fast of
Water/syrup/cayenne pepper
The rotting teeth
The aesthetics of a queen
That cost too much

Such vivid imagery with a bit of the Hoodoo. Your style is verrrry interesting.

Anonymous said...

Last verse kicks you clean in the face.

You know, in a good way.

Patricia said...

you never disappoint with such talent, Anthony. =)

zongrik said...

what about caffine enemas? where does that fit in (pun intended)

messy little girl

Beachanny said...

Melancholy seems to permeate the piece, Anthony. I was intrigued by the use of "amiss". So many interpretations, because things can always go amiss. In the modern world of STDs which may not even be the biggest risk of casually hooking up, so much could go amiss, could be disappointing, even dangerous. Perhaps fulfilling one's fantasy alone is a more likely answer, and a lonelier one too. Well written, friend.

Anonymous said...

dude- very much a fan of your writing. Just raw- you hold NOTHING back...this to me seemed a piece about contradictions- wanting to be something but being something else- not being superstitious but picking up a penny for luck....and that closing line- like a hammer....just nailed it.

Anonymous said...

The imagery and vagaries knit together to turn the poem into a powder keg. When words transmute like this it's art. Thanks for 'kickass' it made my evening :).

Blue Flute said...

Nice fast rhythm. The ending was like a sharp slap in the face.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Anthony, this is hardcore and vivid. The open door to a raw truth, "the aesthetics of a queen that cost too much..." My heart was hurting, this the story of so many men I have known, the substitute for sex, something pouring out instead of getting in, for want of better words. This is the real deal, you punched it, packed it, and nailed it shut. Admiration. Amy

Anonymous said...

Shifty... love the U-turns and rugs whipped from under. That is a meaty closure.

Act 2?

emmett wheatfall said...

I love the quest for interpretation your poems illicit. Powerful and uncontrived are your metaphors, you go where you want we readers of your verse to go. Outstanding Anthony. Great write, sir.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Wonderful pacing. Vivid and well done.

Tameka said...

This was vivid and very deep my bruh. Keep flowing!