Tuesday, May 29, 2012

____© (Power)

In an effort to be forgiven 
A believer tries to convert 
An atheist into a God fearing man
When the believer is more at war 
With himself 
Than the atheist is at war 
Against a higher power 
Who is full of shit 
And who is on the right path?

Another life 
Another test 
Where every answer 
Is never good enough 
And the woman or man
Next to you acts
As your teacher
Samo samo 
(Same old shit)
Different preacher

Who's to impress who 
When we're all nobodies? 
What happened to 
Only God can judge? 
If God makes no mistakes 
Why aren't we all white 
Blue-eyed angels?
Is the real definition of homophobia  
Scared of temptation?
If a sin is a sin 
Why are hands 
With blood on them 
More guilty than hands 
With dirt under the nails?
If people are people 
Why is equality unattainable?
Why does every religion
Preach different rules 
Yet all claim to be right?
Samo samo 
(Same old shit)
Different day 

Who's to impress who 
In a world where 
Faggots are the new 
Jews on aryan territory
Nigga is the new 
White boy slang
Niggers are still less than 
And nothing more 
Than a dead man   


©2012 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Brian Miller said...

ka boom...some great commentary in this man...i have found religeous men to be the most judgemental...they call it faith...in hopes that not all scripture is real you know and forget that their jesus hung out with the sinner and chastised those that thought they had it together...throw another stone...throw another stone...

Joseph Hesch said...

Ouch!!! Ooof!!

You're leaving me bruised here, AD. And I perversely like it! Please, preach on!

I learn something new with every visit!

Claudia said...

heck...i love your questions and your opening stanza is powerful..if someone tries to convert someone not because of love but as an effort to be forgiven, he didn't get the message..really well penned anthony

Mama Zen said...

Damn, this is good, good stuff!

Anonymous said...

harsh, and so well done.

dulce ♥ said...

Great stuff. Love the crossing out of vital words here

Vernon Wildy, Jr said...

That's powerful right there. Good work. Especially like how you crossed stuff just like when people won't acknowledge the truth when it's right there in their face.

Alex Dissing said...

Everybody is right and everybody is wrong... it is kind of infuriating. This reminded me of something I read the other day: "When truth is subjective, division is inevitable." A lot of the questions within this one I have asked myself. Great stuff, Anthony.

Archna Sharma said...

Thank you for forcing me into this thought and dissembling my skin. As you've pointed out, guilt lays in the wrong hands; pride in blood and shame in what may be considered conscientious.

Thank you for writing it out so clearly.

Archna Sharma said...

I love the photo of roots above, the faces are breathtaking. :)

Anthony Desmond said...

right on... thank you!

Laura said...

I just keep thinking that it isn't about being right, it is about being kind, it is about seeing ourselves in each other...I imagine you think I'm quite "pollyanna" in the way I look at things, not that I don't get angry, or see the hypocrisy of many religious leaders and followers, I do...but beneath all the shit, there is something, call it God or something else, but something connects us with each other and everything else. I just can't stay in an angry place, I don't think it helps, well it doesn't help me. I think in a way we are totally on the same page, just looking at it from different angles...we want justice, we want the world to be fair, we want the world to be kind....and often it isn't, but just as often, at least in my experience (and I can only speak from mine)... the world is kind, people are kind, and the God-ness I believe in isn't so easily pinned down, but I don't feel harshness or judgment...I feel held and loved. Maybe I'm just lucky because of the circumstances of my life Anthony, maybe. I'm white, but I'm also a woman, and I'm Jewish, and I'm disabled...and life had not always been kind to me, not always, but mostly, MOSTLY if I look back over 47 years, it has been.

Well...your poem is powerful, and I know you have to say it how you see it, I respect that/you so much for your perspective. Just wanted to share mine.


Louise said...

Ouch...but you are right, so much judgement in the world today....those are good questions "Why is equality unattainable?
Why does every religion
Preach different rules
Yet all claim to be right?" ..sadly, I don't know the answer.. Write on, AD :)

Anthony Desmond said...

Thanks so much for sharing your perspective of life. I do appreciate it.
And you're correct, it's not about being right... The world would be so much better if we didn't set our sights solely on our differences and respect each other.

stu mcp (hate & hope) said...

you just fucking destroyed it man....this is amazing. Judgement...who decides who we should judge and why? it has to come from somewhere?

Who's to impress who
When we're all nobodies?

and those last few lines-


Love your perspective...pure vitriolic....

my favourite...FTW

Arron Shilling said...


Rippin it uP and skull FucKin the pea brains with a MasSiVe

Raw as ever - grating the cheese off of doG's Dick :D


mrs mediocrity said...

i love the raw power in your poetry, i love style of this one, the crossing out bring power to the words not quite erased. it would be so nice if the world were different, if these things weren't all out there, but you always, always speak the truth. i admire your ability to see it, speak it, feel it.

Robert Gibson said...

I've forgotten to breathe.....


This is some POWERFUL stuff RIGHT HERE....

As Brian said, COMMENTARY... same old shit... shakes head in wonder.... My God.... *stumbles off, stage right, still muttering in amazement...*

Natasha Head said...

You left me with no bruises, just a burning in my heart to shout it from the roof tops...one love, one life...let's live it together, help one another be better, and cut out the freaking bullshit we've been force fed from birth. I had no idea I was different than everybody else...until somebody told me...who told you? Poet Brother...we have an army to build! Whoops...got a little bit excited...forgot to mention FANTASTIC!

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

You left me with more questions than answers in this powerful piece. I love the raw power of your work--always thought provoking.

zongrik said...

it's great to see people who are brave enough to speak against religion and God!!! thanks for doing that!!

spaceship tanka

Anna Montgomery said...

It's a tightrope walk you do here, I was just listening to Kwame Anthony Appaih discuss Cosmopolitanism 'universality plus difference' in the context of understanding what it is to be a global citizen. Different cultures are respected “not because cultures matter in themselves, but because people matter, and culture matters to people." In his book he posits several theories: "The first is the idea that we have obligations to others that are bigger than just sharing citizenship. The second idea is that we should never take for granted the value of life and become informed of the practices and beliefs of others."

I respect your perspective and anger; I've felt the sting of judgment. Most of all I respect your art. Your poetry forces us to face ourselves, you’re a philosophical powerhouse.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Powerful write and gave me a lot to think about - why do we war with each other? Often thought than our desire to look up to 'our' God is oddly counter-balanced with a need to look down on somebody... and that is who we are as humandking and that really we're not very kind at all...

Anna :o]

Aidz Giannini said...

this... FUKEN Brill... nuff said :)

Uneven Stephen said...

Wow, powerful piece. Haven't visited for a while - nice to know you haven't lost your edge!

Evelyn Adams said...

"Who's to impress who
When we're all nobodies?"
very interesting piece...
intriguing line.

cheap jersey said...

You fucking to destroy it... This is amazing. Judgment... Who decides we should judge who, why? It comes from a place?
Who to impress who
When we are nobody?
And the last few lines
Serious gooseflesh...
Love your point of view... Pure sulfuric acid...
My favorite... value-added

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