Monday, May 26, 2014

Black Girls

Would you like a reading?

The smashing of plates is an allegory
That depicts heartbreak

So let my mind run free as the rubble on the floor
Or as the night, or as my persona
Before society's infection spreads to all my major organs
The cure is simple yet hidden and like the illuminati
The big picture couldn't get any more clear
But fast money and the warmth of pulsating
Pussy walls blur the Polaroid
And fuck necessity for the stroke of want

Though I choose my art over
Most of this bullshit
I'm not oblivious to the fact that
I'm lucky to be a nigga who made it passed the age
Of 18 let alone 21 and every year
After that is indeed epochal no matter how dull
Or how many days I let anxiety leash me

So who's willing to explain this heartbreak
In the form of a story that includes
Metaphors of a messiah sculpted
On the side of pyramid only to be defaced
By the same people who built it
Like the hands that held the shotgun
That was aimed at Malcolm X
By any means necessary?
If it kills me than so be it

I once read about how back in the old days
Of early mormonism black skin was thought to be
A curse from God
And in the present, the mainstream media
Distorts ebony so it's viewed as a
Curse called ugly
Like a face only a mother could love
It seems black girls only have their mother
To instill in them just how beautiful they
Really are

The breaking of televisions was an allegory
That depicts realization

So let my mind run free as the glass on the floor
Or as the night, or as my persona
Before society's infection spreads to all my major organs

©2014 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

Written In Haphazard Fashion for d'Verse Poets Pub


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emmett wheatfall said...

I so love hearing you read your work, it just comes ALIVE. A powerful composition, Anthony.

Brian Miller said...

love the breaking of the tv as the allegory of realization
a nice blend of history and reality in this
and the global human want that will kill us all
can we truly amputate that?

Claudia said...

don't let society's infection spread at all... it sometimes makes me sick what we come up with and how we define beauty and whatever... great images in this anthony and whew - what a choice of words - you made me sweat a bit...smiles

Björn Rudberg said...

In the backdrop of election results here in Europe we see the results of television and inability to handle xenophobia.. be it in beauty or in anything else.. Loved to hear you read it.. added so much depth.

Mary said...

Your words are expressed with power, Anthony. A strong message is relayed in this poem, Anthony. Excellent use of the words.

Grace said...

I admire the powerful verses from breaking of plates to breaking of televisions ~ How challenging to grow up in a society that puts a premium on skin color and prejudiced beliefs ~ This is a brave and honest write & I thank you for stretching my poetic muscles with the word lists Anthony ~ Have a good Tuesday ~

Gabriella said...

TV should not dictate standards, whatever they are. I wish we would realize that our minds need to be freer. Powerful words and imagery, Anthony!

Anonymous said...

Well done Anthony. >KB

mrs mediocrity said...

always powerful, always filled with truths we cannot look away from. society's infection seems to threaten us all these days.
love the imagery you used throughout, really strong piece.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, Anthony. You know it. Or you should, anyway. :)

Victoria said...

Wow, Anthony. You are a strong voice for those who have been beaten down and stereotyped. The line about black women only having their mama's to tell them they are beautiful gave me at lump in my throat. So well done.

Anonymous said...

holy! gosh!!!

Your voice is powerful and very driven.

You my friend are the chosen one. :)

sharonlee said...

Very potent... intelligently crafted with empathy.

Truedessa said...

Written with a strong voice..society's infection does spread
and we need a cure..thank you for hosting tonight..

Hannah said...

Powerful reading, wording and meaning held within the walls of this poem, Anthony. I relate well to this portion as well, "Or how many days I let anxiety leash me," totally.

Well done and thanks a bunch for sharing your process with's intriguing and fruitful. :)

Margaret said...

I know I do not think black girls are ugly. My daughter is a minority at her school (surely more than 1/2 are black) and I love the facial features - and no, they do not all look alike :) This word list is fun - I know my poem is SO different than yours and am looking forward to reading the rest.

Abhra said...

Metaphors of a messiah sculpted
On the side of pyramid only to be defaced
By the same people who built it

Such strong lines Anthony. Salute.

Glenn Buttkus said...

I love the smell of a rant in the morning; it smells like--liberty. Back in the 60's, when in my own life, while at college, I became color-blind & spiritually awakened, I used to introduce myself as an Earthite; of this planet. Get a grip, all ye asshole; some of the most beautiful children in this world are the mixed races; stronger, prettier, smarter than the rest of us. I hope that one day we breed ourselves into just One Race; the human race, so when Jesus comes back he can high five all of us.

Lasha M said...

thats a sad lovely story to end...........

Arathi Harihar said...

i liked the line ..i let my mind run like glass on floor...very potent poem..I enjoyed it and your prompt Anthony

Anonymous said...

Powerful poem with a strong message and great use of the words. They certainly were interesting words that have really given some great poems.

sreeja harikrishnan said...

powerful .....perfect.........indeed!

kaykuala said...

A cry for wanting to view beauty not just from the mother's eyes but from others too. Beauty in form is a by-product of reality in thinking. Strong words and fantastic read, Anthony!


Anonymous said...

Very strong, passionate piece. Sometimes it truly scares me with the crap society comes up with. I much prefer to be away from people.

Cressida de Nova said...

Very powerful. As you have a black President I thought racism was a thing of the past but from what you say it appears not.Well expressed .

Anonymous said...

There is natural yet very purposeful flow of thoughts here....I love the structure..."The smashing of plates is an allegory", "The breaking of televisions was an allegory." I liked how you used it twice.
Strong opinions that resonate with me. This was awesome.

And....excellent prompt!!

Anonymous said...

Very intense. How sad it is when people are judged by anything as superficial as color.
I would have loved to listen to the poem but my laptop does not want to 'talk' anymore. :-)

Anonymous said...

So powerful...and such a shame that we can't all understand that we are all beautiful, regardless of skin colour

janaki nagaraj said...

Society's infection, the racism, the judgmental attitude...all brought out powerfully.

Stacy Lynn said...

this felt like part history lesson, part artistically, raw portrayal of the flaw in the media.

you've written a wonderful piece of the bitter truth.

thanks for sharing with us!

stacy lynn mar