Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Her Confession

She's like a work of art from Nancy Lorenz
her pussy is a gold pour box
with holy water soaked lips
that could wash any nigga of his sins
if his kisses start at her feet
a masterpiece of luxe Egyptian-toned
canvas-wrapped flesh
but as we all know, art is subjective
some would rather project
their insecurities onto sculptures
that in some way mirror
what they view as an ugly scar

Shame the black men who scowl
and run like headless chickens
at the sight of her bouncing
deep mahogany breasts
and those who don't mind taking
a late night dive with intentions
of finding an ivory pearl to last
a lifetime and as soon as they get theirs
they assume her river is ran dry

She's a tired goddess

Still, I promised her that nothing
promised ever holds up
like implausible foundation
so she put wings on her back
and vowed to never accept another
from none of these fuckin men

She said
I won't be returning
the favor anymore
tar from the tips
of these niggas dicks got caught
in my lungs every time
I took a puff of that toxic love
instead of flying
I was caged like a canary
in a coal mine

©2015 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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Mary said...

Ha, Anthony, I think this is a 'man's poem' and that I am missing some of the message, but I do understand about projecting insecurities onto sculptures. I think somehow everyone has to find a way to deal with things. I do like the imagery in "I was a caged canary in a coal mine." I GET that.

Gabriella said...

'She's a tired goddess' - it does not look as if it were a good thing to be if in the end she feels trapped and has no use for those wings.

Myrna said...

Another passionate piece Anthony. I love the substance you give your poetry. This one I like because I see it as a challenge for men (especially black men) to respect and honor their women, who are tired goddesses. If I were your grandma, I'd be so proud of you. In fact, I'm not your grandmother - but I'm proud.

Grace said...

I will listen to your reading when I get home later ~ I love the way you portrayed her - a work of art, tired Goddess ~ There is always that danger of toxic love, but still I would rather fly, than be caged like a canary in the coal mine ~ Terrific write Anthony ~

Claudia said...

dang it anthony - an excellent piece - i love the personification and how you make her thoughts visible for us

Mama Zen said...

I love the way this is structured. And, I love the strength you give her voice.

Jennifer Wagner said...

A sculpture is not blood and flesh, and it seems this real live woman wants to be valued as more than a sexualized image by the men she's been involved with. And she should be!

Hayes Spencer said...

A tired goddess and a caged canary in a coal mine...both seem trapped by stereotypes, by archetypes. Sometimes we need to take things just as they are - with no self images/past imposed on the object/person. A very powerful write. The personification and inward thoughts just knock me back in my chair.

Marina Sofia said...

Quite a statement you're making there - and yes, we are all trapped by our prejudices, stereotypes and projections of our own insecurities/wishes onto others.

Raivenne said...

Damned if we do, damned if we don't. A tired goddess that didn't asked to be put on a pedestal, a caged canary in a coal mine only set free by dying. Harsh realities A, I feel this one.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Brilliant observation of toxic love.

How odd it is that we stereotype our selves and in doing so trivialize a most wonderful thing.

Glad she put back her wings.

Anna :o]

PS Love your reading.

Glenn Buttkus said...

Muscular free verse, knock us on our ass graphics, poured over a man's view of a woman's perspective, with s mix in of art appreciation, sensuality, politics, race issues, & the old man/woman dichotomy & conflicts--not bad for only one poem, brother.

Alex Dissing said...

Goddamn. This one packed a powerful punch. & that last line about the canary in the coal mine... beautifully tragic. Great work, man. I'm glad to see you writing again.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I get the entire message either, but I feel the dialog is honest and true - and it shakes the expectations and makes your flow unique.

At first when I was reading it, I thought of promises, and then running like the SC shooting. Either way, your words communicated powerful images.

Victoria said...

Anthony, this is so strong with vivid erotic imagery. I don't often listen to audios (time constraints) but I had to go back and hear you read it. I did "get it" and found that one line and the way you read it was superb--gob-smacker. I marvel at how you entered into her experience.

Victoria said...

That one line I meant to quote but was interrupted: "She's so tired."

Anonymous said...

So great to read your writing again, Anthony - loved 'so she put wings on her back...' K

Delaina said...

Anthony this is very powerful in its sensuality and message. May passion always set you free.

Anonymous said...

It has the feel of a passionate speech, railing at the injustice...

Dusty J said...

Powerful piece, Anthony! Left me reeling.

Roslyn Ross said...

For me an image would have helped. As a woman I think this is a man's view of a woman/goddess and perhaps harder for a woman to relate. Then again, we are all different.

As a woman, and I am not the least bit averse to crude language, I find this unsympathetic... but that may just be me.

Certainly powerful and valid in its own right but it does not sit easily with me.

C.C. said...

The toxicity is palpable and the imagery is powerful. Wow!

Björn Rudberg said...

What a wonderful poem. For me it's about the expectations you have as a man with a beautiful woman.. such sadness when all she can be is either Madonna or prostitute. What tension in such male view of another human being...

Björn Rudberg said...

What a wonderful poem. For me it's about the expectations you have as a man with a beautiful woman.. such sadness when all she can be is either Madonna or prostitute. What tension in such male view of another human being...

Wolfsrosebud said...

I was caged like a canary in a coal mine...
what a way to end this

kaykuala said...

This is strongly provoked Desmond. She is of a sterner stuff to withstand all.


grapeling said...

what a great way to start the trail, blood pumping, voice raw and powerful, eyes straight ahead, head held high. ~

Kate Mia said...

Perhaps I read too much into this.. but i see the strong black women abandoned for a dream of
another 'color' of life that does not match
what one should be happy to be comfortable
in a culture that respects one's brothers AND SISTERS AS BEAUTIFUL AND ALWAYS WORTHY OF LOVE..:)

The strong black matriarch of a black or white woman
will always be a Goddess to me.. with smiles too..:)

The rhythm is in the hips.. after all.. with all females i know... now..:)

lweaveswords said...

Thank you. Your question at dVerse, coupled with this poem, helped understand something, that I can't really express (yet). So just thanks in the meantime :-)

mrs mediocrity said...

This is so intense, and filled with so many layers of meaning, racism, sexism, even what we've done to this earth (and least those are all the things that came up for me).
Really powerful and provoking, in all the best ways that poetry should be.

Anonymous said...

love the "tired goddess" line.

The Bizza said...

Oh yeah. This is really good. The structure, the tone, all very pitch-perfect.