Thursday, August 13, 2015


Beauty lies within the controversy of undiscovered love
Echo – Love
Flawed, so they separate for the art
Echo – Apart
Bound by darkness for the sake of metaphor
Echo – Ignore
Tortured poets live and die by their own hand
Echo – Withstand
Drowning in hopes of infinite light
Echo – Spite
Gravity defied, only to add more weight to the heart
Echo – Art

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brudberg said...

Oh I love how the art is the resolution to the poet's struggle.. exactly how we gain the wisdom from the echo.

Mary said...

Really like how you worked with the Echo, Anthony. Your poem does say something about the creative process. So much is borne for the art of Poetry!

Gabriella said...

Wow! I really like where you went with your poem, Anthony. I think my favorite line is the opening one though. True art does come from love.

Glenn Buttkus said...

Per usual, unlike you, who rocked the prompt with a few well chosen lines, & bitchin' echoes, I, of course, echoed my ass off relative to my latest rant on foolitics.

Marina Sofia said...

Tortured poets live and die by their own hand
Echo – Withstand
That's just one of the many I could have picked as my favourite. A thoughtful and punchy meditation on art and the artist. You are all so amazingly good at this poetic form - it's quite intimidating (I haven't had inspiration for one yet).

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Such a powerful verse. Loved your take on the prompt :)

Shadiatique said...

amazing and very powerful.

Sumana Roy said...

Art is beauty(love) and beauty wonderfully expressed...

Roslyn Ross said...

Finely crafted.

Grace said...

Not just echoing it, but giving the last words a sharp edge specially hand/withstand and light/spite ~ The title is wicked too ~

Victoria said...

The line that really struck me was the one about the poets. I suppose it all has to do with intensity of feelings. I really enjoyed this Anthony.

lynn__ said...

Sterling art, Anthony! Your first line defines beauty...and your powerful title, echo: suicidal !

Katie Mia Frederick said...

True Poet heArt of Spirit
Resolve to forge ahead
Poem of Now grow

Unknown said...

Beautiful... as it echoes a poets torment and resolute.

Anonymous said...

This is super kick-ass. Love it to the max.

Perfect: "Flawed, so they separate for the art"

Claudia said...

this so brought sylvia plath to my mind - and maybe everyone of us a bit